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Friday 21 December 2012

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BPEF/Federal executive/ Circular/2012                                                 Dated: 19-12-2012

            All Office Bearers BPEF/General Secretaries
            All Circle Secretaries through General Secretaries

                                                                        “Lot of Greetings of New Year 2013”
Dear Brother,

            As was decided in Hyderabad, the Federal Executive meeting at T-21, Atul Grove Road, New Delhi was held under the Chairmanship of Shri Man Mohan Sharma, president BPEF on 15th  & 16th December, 2012. Among the Vice Presidents of BPEF,Shri Narpat Singh Pawar, R. Narian Swamy , Treasurer Shri S.B.P. Khuswansi, Org. Secretaries of BPEF, Shri R.N. Navghare, Shri M.S. Chandel, General Secretary BP-III Shri I.A. Shaikh , General Secretary BP-IV Sh. Mohd. Zafraullah Khan , Secretary BPEF & General Secretary BR-III Shri Anish Mishra , General Secretary BR-IV Shri D.K. Tiwari , General Secretary BEDEU Shri Sugandi Kr. Mishra, General Secrtary BP Civil Wing  Shri Balram Pandey & General Secretary Postal Accounts Shri Sanjay Kr. Sinha have participated in the Meeting.
            Without any formality it is to inform you all that the meeting was convened successfully on each day in three session of four hours each and several issues were discussed and the discussion made executives to arrive at decision over almost every matters.
            The Meeting started with the reporting of study Class of BPEF held at Lucknow on 7th & 8th October, 2012. Delegates from 17 states numbering about 600 have participated in the class with intentions to examine whether BPEF is still alive all over India or not. By seeing the gathering every delegate took oath to increase its membership to the level of recognition.  We will assemble again in Panchmarhi (M.P.) in the month of June by completing the study classes in each & every Circle. 
            The Federation has designed a new Website Every information will be published timely in it . Every Divisional Secretary/ Circle Secretary / All India Union are requested to  inform timely the list of Election and other activities alongwith photo and forward it to E-mail The address of WEBSITE may be given to more & more employees with instruction to visit it daily. It is also requested to forward E-mail addresses of members to Federation so that information in this format can be furnished to them.
            Every General Secretaries have reported the position of Circles. Every one took oath to necessarily accumulate 15% membership in next April . The functioning of Accounts and Civil Wing Union is satisfactory but they have been advised to increase membership regularly. To stream line functioning of Administrative union new efforts have to a made to save it. We have to establish New Union in SBCO. It is appreciable to form union in Postmaster Cadre. Every General Secretary has explained various methods through which they are going to increase the membership in April 2013. Those Circle which have shown eagerness are Maharashtra, M.P. , U.P. and Bihar. Those Circles who have potential but are sluggish in action needs some push to touch 15% target figure are Punjab, Haryana, Rajasthan and Karnataka .The situation of W.B.  Kerala and T.N. are a bit different and in these states union will grow slowly & slowly. The Situation of Assam, Chhattisgarh, Himachal, Haryana, Jammu & Kashmir, Uttarkhand and North East & Karnataka are far below satisfactory. We have to open union somewhere.
            The office of R.L.O. Foreign Post & MMS look aloof. If we take care of their problems 100% membership can be achieved.
            If the Unions of R.M.S. try hard in Punjab, Haryana, Rajasthan, Maharashtra & Madhya Pradesh there is no one who can stop them to achieve the target.

The Circle Conferences of various union are due in 2013. The Conveners, General Secretaries & Circle Secretaries have been directed to complete all conferences before April, 2013. Along with it they may complete the Divisional Conference also. The Circles where BR-III &IV, BP-III & IV and GDS conferences are due are Punjab, Haryana, Rajasthan , MP, Delhi, T.N. , Karnataka and Jharkhand. The Circle where BR-III & IV conference only are pending are Bihar, Orissa, Maharashtra and Kerala. The Circle where BP-III & IV are only pending is U.P.

            Tamilnadu has announced all conferences in March, 2013. M.P. Circle has announced all due conferences on 6th & 7th April, 2013.

            On the issue Bihar it has been decided to form a committee comparesing Shri Neeraj Kumar, Bijay Kumar Sinha , Pawan Kumar Pandey & Sanjay Kumar Sinha to pursue  organizational activities of Bihar & Jharkhand .  Any official correspondence can be made only with consultation  and through Circle Secretary. The absence of representative  from Karnataka & Rajasthan were irritating  the Federation. The  presence of Shri Narpat Singh Pawar has indicated that the union activity  in  Rajasthan can be corrected . But Karnataka is giving us some worry.

            Shri M.S. Chandel will look after  the Chhatishgarh , Shri Zafraullah Khan will look after  Karnataka & Tamilnadu , Shri I.A.Shaikh will look after   Rajasthan & M.P. Shri Anish Mihsra along with Shri Prem Chand will look after  Punjab & Haryana . To convene the activities  of W.B. & Assam Shri Sugandhi Kr. Mishra will take care. The union at Himachal & Uttarakhand will be opened before April 2013. The case J&K and N.E. will be discussed is June Federal Executive meeting.  
            All activities will be closely watched  by Shri Santosh Kumar Singh Org. Secy. BPEF . He  is directed to report BPEF time to time.
            The All India Conference of  GDS will be held in U.P. on 24th & 25 May. All India Conference of BR-III & IV will be held in New Delhi is the month of May, 2013. Next Federal Executive meeting will be held is PANCHMARHI M.P. in June. All India Conference of BP-III will be held in Gujarat,   the schedule will be announced later on. That of Administrative union will be held very shortly. With regard to next Federal Council in Oct. or November 2013 the proposal from two Circle Gujarat & Maharashtra have come forward. . They have been asked to consult the Circle and inform so that schedule can be chalked out consult. .
Various disciplines necessary to conduct conferences have been discussed also. The Union must allot delegates from Circles and delegates fees are to be remitted well before Conference to CHQ.

            As regard Federal Council maximum to 400 delegates are to be allowed. The delegate Quota for unions & Circles will be communicated well before council.  The delegates fees must to remitted to Federation well before.

            It is seen that Secretary & Treasurer report are absent during conference. It is therefore decided that the conferences will be conducted in  is defined schedule.  

            Focus may be given to study classes upto division level. Therefore,  it has been decided to conduct  all study classes  of Circles at least  before June, 2013 . Every activities must be decided three or four  month before.

            It has been decided that Bharatiya Postal Mahasangh will be published in alternate month without break. If in any Circumstance it could not reach you the copy can be downloaded from the .

            Every Divisional / Circle & General Secretaries are instructed to adhere to financial discipline compulsorily. It is not correct for divisional Secretary to block the distribution of subscription provided to them under CCS (RSA) Rules 1993. Financial inactivity greatly affects the union activities of Circle/ CHQ and Federation.       

            The Circle where Federal Executive reside has to bear the burden of  his TA/DA . It is the duty of Circle secretary to look after.

Agitational Programme as decided by Federation are:  

24th January, 2013 – Dharna /Postcard campaign / wearing of Black badges at Divisional Head Quarter. The Divisional Secretary has to give notice on their capacity to Divisional Head ( The proforma is attached) Small Circle well send 500 & large Circle will send 1000 Postcard addressed to Secretary (P).

4th February, 2013 - Dharna at Circles – Circle Secretary will serve notice to C.P.M.G.             ( Proforma attached ) The Agenda items is being send to all. 

15th February, 2013 :- One day Dharna at Dak Bhawan – you are directed to come to Delhi in large number.

Strike on 20-21 February, 2013.

            All Programme will be coordinated by following :
North India – Shri Santosh Kumar Singh
West India – Shri R.N. Navghare & Shri I.A. Shaikh
South India- Shri Zafraullah Khan & Shri C.M. Pillai
East India – Shri Sugandhi Kr. Mishra , Shri Balram Pandey, Shri Sanjay Sinha, Shri Bijay Kumar Sinha.

            At the last it is the duty of General Secretary to dispatch the Circular to each Circle / Divisional Secretaries with instructions to abide by  the decisions of Federation. On one hand it is important to have ready reference of present membership/ form submitted in  April, 2013 and on other hand it is most important to make programme of 24th January, 4th February, 15th February & Strike of 20 & 21 February a grand success.

 I close up with new year 2013 greeting again.     
                                                                                                                        Yours brotherly,

                                                                                                                        ( S.K. Mishra )
                                                                                                                        Secretary General    

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  1. Repeated activities, interactions and close communications with the root level members only help us to strengthen the organisation. BPEF is not just a union which keep fighting. It carrels a solution with the problem. There we are. all desi.