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Saturday 8 December 2012


I hereby welcome all visitors of this website and assure you all that through our activities we will analyze all aspects of policies of Department from the angle of the prevailing labour laws. I also assure that all information will be flashed without any delay . 
In older days secret information and important Govt. documents were necessarily handled by this department and hence it required administrative officers. Now when the Department had shifted its focus more and more towards financial and business activities it necessarily requires accountable and efficient  managers. But irony of the present scenario is that Department still continues with old system of administrative officers who due to power vested in them have eclipsed their inefficiencies and engaged in self-serving activities without bothering about the result.For all these inefficiencies lower functionaries are being made responsible.For the financial losses,lower functionaries were made subsidiary and co-offenders and recoveries were made from their pay.
On the other hand, other unions demand separate cadre for every business activities which inevitably results into emergence of rival groups affecting the unity of postal employees.. 
Nowadays, technological enhancement is being made in the Department and govt. is spending crores of rupees for theses activities.At the same time when these advancements are still in child stage the Department is being thrown into competition with the professionals of the various business activities without bothering about its fate .
We all have to fight these unsynchronised views and activities of the Department which is giving a lot of pain to the employees.

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