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Friday 31 January 2014

Chief PMG Postings - Maharashtra & Assam Circle

Directorate vide memo No. 1-5/2014-SPG dated 29/1/2014 has issued promotion order ofShri Pradipta Kumar Bisoi, (IPoS-1985) Postmaster General, Berhampur Region (Odisha Circle) and posted him as Chief Postmaster General, Maharashtra Circle, Mumbai.

Ms. A. Ghosh, (IPoS-1986) Postmaster General, SK Region Karnataka posted as CPMG Assam Circle, Guwahati. 



REPLY FOR DEPARTMENT Letter No. 1-20/2008-PCC dated 4-11-2013 BPEF LETTER NO. BPEF/CLARIFICATION /PCC /TOBP/2014/1 DATED 06-01-2014 


Thursday 30 January 2014

                                      (An All India Industrial Unit of BMS)
                                T-21,Atul Grove Road, New Delhi-110 001

BPEF / Strike Notice/Pre-exercise /Jan.2014                                      Dated: 29-01-2014

            The Secretary (Posts)
            Department of Posts,
            Dak Bhawan, New Delhi-110 001

Sub:   Regarding Notice to be served if demands are not met before 15th February, 2014.

Respected Madam,

            It is to bring to your kind notice that vide  our Dharna Notice dated 02-12-2013 we have lodged strong protest against the inertness being shown by Department  towards promises made in  respect of strike notice dated 29-01-2013 and hesitation in  opening the negotiation channel to settle the Demands.

On account of above, Notices for Dharna at Dak Bhawan on 17-12-2013 and at Jantar Mantar on 18-12-2013 were served. The Department on 16-12-2013 has assured us  that the Demands are being look into and an informal meeting will be arranged  very soon.

We are sorry to state that nothing fruitful came out till date.  Thus,  the Federation is now  compelled to issue notice to Department that in case demands are not met or no negotiation channel are opened before 15th February 2014, then it will be sole responsibility of Department if the members of BPEF & its associated unions resort  to strike method to solve the problems.

                                                                                                Yours sincerely

Encl. Charter of Demands
                                                                                                (S.K. Mishra)
                                                                                                Secretary General   
                                     CHARTER OF DEMANDS IN BRIEF

1.    Merge 50% DA with Basic Pay from 1-1-2011.

2.    Constitute 7th Pay Commission and make its terms and references black & white.

3.    Interim Relief of Rs. 7000/- may be provided at earliest.

4.    Income Tax limit be enhanced to Rs. 5 Lacs.

5.    New Pension scheme should be abolished and old pension scheme be provided to all.

6.    MACPS be provided in promotional hierarchy with frequency of 5,10 and 15 years of regular service.

7.    1st January & 1st July be made date of next increment.

8.    The Grade Pay 1900 & 2000 be merged and placed with Grade pay Rs. 2400/-

9.    On retirement Gratuity be paid at the rate of 30 days per year instead of 15 days.

10. GDS of Postal Departmental should be regularized.

11. Equal entry pay for direct   as well as promotional recruitee may  be provided.

12. Cent Percent compassionate Appointment without any ceiling may be ensured.

13. Under CCS (RSA) Rules if the applicant union do not get recognition then also limited trade union facility may be provided to them so that they remain able to participate in future re-verification process.

14. All demands raised vide our Dharna notice dated 2-12-2013. 

                                                                                                            (S.K Mishra )

                                                                                                            Secretary General 

Sunday 26 January 2014

Postmaster Cadre RTI 

Fin Min approves Rs.1,000 minimum Monthly Pension & clears enhancing the wage ceiling to Rs.15,000

Filling of the vacancies by Promotion - drawing up of extended panel for promotion

Whether the Government plans to review the Leave Travel Concession (LTC) policy- Govt reply in Lok Sabha

Revised Delivery Norms for Speed Post





Wednesday 22 January 2014



Thursday 9 January 2014

Photo Meeting with Chief Minister Goa Present Meeting Shri B.K Rai, General Secretary, BMS , Shri S. Goverkar, K.T. Pal, Dayanand Sirodkar , Rudranath Shirodkar, Dr. Sudhakar Kulkarni & Anand Gaoude 

Tuesday 7 January 2014

Regarding cadre restructuring proposal of JA/SA cadre presently existing in P.A.Os

BPAOEA/PA wing / Cadre /restructure /JA/2014/1                                           Dated: 7-1-2014

             The DDG (PAF)
            Department of Post
            Dak Bhawan, New Delhi-1

Sub: Regarding cadre restructuring proposal of JA/SA cadre presently existing in P.A.Os

Ref: Minutes of meeting dated 1-8-2013 & Charter of Demands of BPEF .

Respected Sir,

            Kindly recall discussion and have reference of   decisions taken in the formal meeting with BPAOEA over the issue mentioned in the subject.

            On behalf of the Association I am directed to put forwarded following proposals for consideration of Department for enhancement of working efficiency in PAOs and provide a better way   career advancement of employees.

            It is also pertinent to mention here that intentions of cadre review as mentioned in DOP&T guide the No. 35034/9/2010/Estt. (D) Dated 10-2-2011 (Copy attached).

 “Cadre structure needs to be reviewed periodically to harmonize the functional needs of the organization and career progression of employees.”

Accordingly we propose following views for consideration for restructuring of JA/SA cadre.

(1)  On account of Department of Post switching over to accrual based Accounting system from cash based Accounting system; it certainly needs better management of Account perspectives handled by efficient and knowledgeable employees.

(2)  Historically on 05-05-1979, JA’s of PAO were granted special pay of Rs. 35% to the tune of 10% of post to attend work of more complex important nature. Due to some sort of problem in implementing above provision, NFSG in pay scale of 425-700 was granted to these senior Accountants.

In 4th CPC the NFSG has been withdrawn and the entire cadre of Junior Accountant has been bifurcated into 80:20 from 1-4-87 calling 80% of JA’s as SA and 20% of JA’s retaining their name. The SA post was functional post for JA’s in the pay scale of 1400-2600 with functional contents higher than that of its feeder JA’s placed in revised scale of pay of 1200-2040.

(3)  It is a fact to considered that if 80% of JA’s now SA’s has higher functional contents, then it can be said that practically entire combined cadre (JA&SA) has higher contents of functional needs.

The evidence is contained in the fact that Department could not differentiate the work between JAs & SAs till date.

4.    In the present context, it is to highlight that Department has already sent a proposal to the Nodal Ministry for enhancing the Grade Pay of SAs to 4600 at par with that of Assistants of CSS.

On the basis of above & since there is no functional difference formed yet between JAs & SAs and we have already proposed Grade of 4600 to SAs, the association proposes that

“20% JAs & 80% JAs now SAs may be made equivalent and placed in Grade Pay of 4600 with name Higher Grade Accountant. The mode of recruitment, required educational qualification & the sanctioned strength as per increasing workload due to various business activities in Department be determined accordingly.”

      Thanking you,

                                                                            Yours Faithfully,

                                                                            (S.K. Mishra)  
                                                                       Secretary General BPEF    

दिनाक 4 -11 -2013  में वर्ग द MTS,  Mailman , Mailguard , एवं Postman संवर्गो में इस आदेश के कारण  छुपी हुई रिकवरी का खुलासा RTI सूचना से हुआ I BPEF ने अपना रोष  एवं सुधारने का तरीका निम्न पत्र से सचिव महोदया को अवगत कराया I 

BPEF/Clarification/PCC/TBOP/2014/1                                              Dated: 6-1-2014


            Ms. P. Gopinath 
            Hon’ble Secretary (P)
           Department of Posts
            Dak Bhawan, New Delhi-110 001

Sub: Regarding need of urgent clarifications over Department letter No. 1-
         20/2008-PCC dated 4-11-2013.

Respected Sir,

     It is a well established fact that TBOP/BCR pay scales were  only a financial Up-gradation scales. Therefore, on replacement of pay scales with grade pay on 1-1-06, there was need to define Grade pay for grant of TBOP/BCR after 1-1-06 to 29-08-2008 for every cadre of Postal & RMS wing.

    Relying on these reasons, the Department has issued an order in consultation with Finance Ministry as below:-

(a)  In respect of erstwhile Gr. ‘D’ now MTS , the TBOP/BCR grade pay was made as Rs. 1900 & 2000 respectively vide letter dated 6-9-2010 & 18-07-11 .
(b)  In respect of Postman the TBOP/BCR grade pay was made as Rs. 2400 & 2800 respectively vide letter dated 15-01-2009.

        Later on, unfortunately, in consultation with Internal Finance Wing of Deptt. , the PCC (Cell) has issued an order dated 4-11-2013 over looking various ground realities of pay structure thus following objectionable provisions are in force.

(1)  The exhaustive orders dated 6-9-2010 & 18-07-2011 for TBOP/BCR of Gr. ‘D’ cadre & order dated 15-01-2009 for TBOP/BCR of Postman cadre was superseded without having exhaustive explanations replacing the provisions.
(2)  The treatment of merged scales of promotional and feeder cadre and implementation of para ( 5) & para ( 6.2) of Annexure –I of MACPS order  are completely  different for erstwhile Gr. ‘D’ now MTS and Postman cadre.

Despite this fact both cadres are compelled to be dealt with only para 2 (a) of 4-11-2013 having incomplete explanations. The example given there  covers only one of the conditions of Gr. ‘D’ and not Postman.
(3)  It is not differentiated completely to which cadres para 2 (a) and para 2 (b) will be  applicable.
(4)  Instead of issuing clarifications replacing various provisions of letter dated 6-9-10, 18-7-11 and 15-1-09 , the department is calling recovery particulars from entire Country thus showing its intention  that it is more interested in creating anomalies than to simplify  the matter after 6 years of 6th CPC .
(5)  Under which provision cases of retired died on or after 1-1-2006 but before 1-9-2008 and conferred TBOP/BCR should not be reopened. Earlier on no such provision has been made in letter dated 6-9-2010, 18-07-11 & 15-01-2009 has been made and huge amount of recoveries were made from pension of Gr. D and Postman employees.

        In view of above we demand clarifications to be issued on following grounds to avoid confusion in units.  

1.    What will be the G.P. as on 1-1-2006 to erstwhile Gr. ‘D’ now MTS earned TBOP up-gradation prior to 1-1-2006.. What will be his MACP entitlement after 1-9-2008.  
2.    What will be the G.P. 1-1-2006 to erstwhile Gr. ‘D’ now MTS earned TBOP and BCR up-gradations both prior to 1-1-2006.. What will be his MACP entitlement after 1-9-2008.    
3.    What will be the G.P.  of MTS earning  TBOP after 1-1-2006.  What will be his MACP entitlement after 1-9-2008.    
4.    What will be the G.P.  of MTS earning  TBOP prior  to  1-1-2006 and BCR before 1-9-08  .  What will be his MACP entitlement after 1-9-2008.     
5.     What will be the G.P. as on 1-1-2006 to Postman earned TBOP up-gradation prior to 1-1-2006.. What will be his MACP entitlement after 1-9-2008. 
6.     What will be the G.P. 1-1-2006 to Postman earned TBOP and BCR up-gradations both prior to 1-1-2006.. What will be his MACP entitlement after 1-9-2008.  
7.    What will be the G.P.  of Postman earning  TBOP after 1-1-2006.  What will be his MACP entitlement after 1-9-2008?    
8.    What will be the G.P.  of Postman earning  TBOP prior  to  1-1-2006 and BCR before 1-9-08  .  What will be his MACP entitlement after 1-9-2008.    

            It is pertinent to mention here that Federation always tries to  bring about the facts that covers the interest of entire employees community and it is the  duty of the Department to realize the gravity of the resentment that may grow if  incomplete orders like letter dated 4-11-2013 without clarification may produce huge amount of recovery from the lower category employees of the Department of their no fault.

            It is, therefore, requested that at least above mentioned eight clarifications are issued urgently to sort out coming problem mention above.

            Thanking you,   

                                                                                                            Yours sincerely,

                                                                                                            (S.K. Mishra)

                                                                                                            Secretary General

                                       (An All India Industrial Units of B.M.S.) 
                                  T-21, Atul Grove Road , New Delhi-110 001


            Shri …………………………………….
Sub:    Appointment as convener of ………...........Circle  By Federal Executive meeting dated 17-12-2013 at T-21, Atul Grove Road , New Dlehi-110 001.

Dear brother,

            In the meeting dated 17-12-2013 you have been appointed as convener of ……………  Circle for one year. The further continuance will be based on performance in respect of following items:
1.    Reporting of actual number of membership of forms deposited in April -2014 of each union. 
2.    Reporting of actual list of membership subscription deducted from the salary of July, 2014 of each union. 
3.    Collection of Federation Quota over the Receipt book No.  ….  Enclosed with this letter from every Divisional Secretary of every union.
4.    Full advertisement of agitational / federation activities. In this regard every Circle Secretary should be pursued to distribute all information to through hand bills to each member in every month.  The matter for handbill may be collected from the Federation.  They may also be advised to go through the for every type of information.
5.    Close watch over the Circle & Divisional Conference of every union so that they are convened in time. The phone number, Name & addresses of Divisional Secretary/ Treasurer / President and date of conferences may be noted in a register.  It may be brought in every meeting of the Federation. 
6.    Reporting every month to the Federation about the activities of each union and the work done by yourself for correcting the records of Federation.   
It has also been decided that your entire expenditure will bear by Circle Secretary from their circle quota.

Please circulate this letter to every Circle / Divisional Secretaries of each union on your own to set right all above activities and for their information. This system is being developed to make Mission-2015 grand success. 

With regards,

                                                                                    Yours brotherly,

                                                                                    (S.K. Mishra )
                                                                                    Secretary General

                                 " Vande Mataram"
                                 ( An All India Industrial Units of B.M.S.)
                              T-21, Atul Grove Road , New Delhi -110 001

BPEF/Circular- January-14/2014                                                                   Dated: 04-01-2014


            All BPEF office bearers / General Secretaries/ Conveners  
            All Circle Secretaries through their General Secretaries
            All Divisional Secretaries through their Circle Secretaries.

Dear brother,

            I am sure that this Circular will find all of you and your family with best of health and happiness. The Federal Executive meeting of the Federation was held on 16th & 17th of December, 2013 in the T-21, Atul Grove Road, New Delhi in presence of Shri B.K. Rai, Vice President B.M.S. and prabhari Industrial unit. It was attended by S/Shri Man Mohan Sharma, President , BPEF , S.K. Mishra , Secretary General , BPEF, Santosh Kumar Singh , Working President, BPEF, Manjit Singh, , Ram Ayodhya Pd. & Sushil Gupta  Vice President,  Anish Mishra , General Secretary BRMS-III & Secretary BPEF, R.N. Navghare, M.S. Chandel, Dineshdhar Dubey Smt. Prabha Ben Chawda & G.K. Dhiman Org. Secretary,  Maheshanand Tripathi, Treasurer , Irshad A. Shaikh, Working General Secretary, BPEA Gr. ‘C’ , Mohd. Zaffrullah Khan, General Secretary, BPEA Postman & MTS , D.K. Tiwari, General Secretary, BRMS-IV , Balram Pandey, General Secretary, BP Civil Wing & Sanjay Kr. Sinha, General Secretary, BPAOEA. .

Conveners were deputed in each Circle as per list enclosed. In view to increase union activities as well as membership, all General Secretaries will tour each & every office of Circles. In February 2014 Rajasthan, Punjab and in March 2014 Bihar Circle were chosen for the purpose. Each Divisional Secretary may be warned to remit the quota as per percentage without fail otherwise stern action will be taken. They should necessarily submit the list of membership submitted in April, and list of membership subscription deducted from salary of July, 2014.

All India Conferences of BRMS-III & IV will be held 8th & 9th February, 2014 at New Delhi. In respect of BPEU Class-III conference, hectic activity is going on to convenient  before 20th February i.e. before National conference of BMS at Jaipur. All BPEF Executive members are invited in the Conference provided they deposit the delegate fees of Rs. 300/- at state BMS office.

            Dharna Programme on 17th December, 2013 at Dak Bhawan was postponed on written assurance by Department of Posts. It has come to our notice Department is collecting the written comments over the items of Charter of Demands from the different wings of Department.

            As an outcome, a clarification over deduction of membership subscription and handing it over to elected Divisional Secretary of unrecognized union of BPEF on the basis of Deptt. Letter 14-2-2007 has been issued on 26-12-2013. Similarly Postal Accounts wing has demanded a proposal for merging 80:20 schemes in Junior Accounts cadre. The Secretary has assured and informal meeting in the month of February 2014.  

            There is bad news for Postman cadre.  Through RTI information it has been supplied by Department  that revised  Grade Pay  of 2400 for  TBOP and 2800 for  BCR vide letter dated 15-01-2009 has been withdrawn  vide letter 4-11-2013. Thus old TBOP/BCR replacement grade pay 2000 & 2400 will be provided. Thus 3rd MACP will be reduced to Rs. 2800 from 4200. These revised orders of 4-11-2013 will cause huge recovery from pay of Senior Postman’s. A strong protest to Secretary (P) will be lodge on 6th January, 2014 and the outcome will be communicated. You are advised to be in touch with Federation office regularly in this matter. All Circle Secretaries / Divisional Secretaries are advised of issue Hand bills each month to members informing various activities BPEF and Unions.

The Parliament March Programme of GENC was huge success due to participation of 500 delegates for BPEF from all over Country.

Next Federal Executive meeting will be at Haridwar or Delhi. The final date will communicated well in time.
List of conveners  
1.    U.P. – Shri Santosh Kumar Singh – SA ‘O’ Dn. LKO                        - 09450395010
2.     Uttarakhand – Shri Maheshanand Tripathi – AAO , DAP LKO        - 09453439763
3.     Haryana, H.P.  – Shri G.K. Dhiman – PA Ambala GPO                  - 09896196135
4.     Punjab & J&K – Shri Manjit Singh- PA, Amritsar H.O                      - 09915255526
5.     Bihar Ram Ayodhya Pd. – SA, DAP Patna -                                    - 09308006435
6.     Jharkhand  - Shri S.D. Tiwary , PA, Dhanbad H.O                          - 09835183899
7.     W.B. – Kallol Dutta –SA, DAP Kolkata                                             – 09007625636
8.     North East  - J.S. Songate DAP Shillong
9.     Assam – Tapan Kumar Singh PA, Silchar H.O.                                -09854014082
10.   Orissa – Shri K.K. Kar- S.A. Bhubaneshwar RMS                            - 09861446467
11.   A.P.  – K. Satti Reddy,- SPM Bantdlaguda P.O. Hyd.
12.   Karnataka – Shri Sunder Raj- Postmaster Bangalore GPO              -09448151340
13.  T.N. – Janaki Raman –Postman- Chhennai GPO
14.  Kerala – Shri C.M. Pillai – S.A. DAP Trivandrum                               - 09446359212
15.   Maharashtra- Shri R.N. Navghare – Dy. P.M. Mumbai Central H.O.- 09322514494
16.  Gujarat – Ms. Prabha Ben Chavada – Dy. P.M.  Fatehganj Vadodara-09426582315
17.  Rajasthan – Shri Sushil Gupta- Postman, Jaipur GPO                        - 09829321545
18.  M.P. & Chhatisgarh – Shri M.S. Chandel – Postmaster Betul H.O.     - 09406785741
19.  Delhi – Shri  Vishwanath Singh- PA, Market Road H.O. N. Delhi-       - 09968058768   

Navversh -2014- Mangalmaya Hon
                                               Makarsankranti  - Sukh & Samridhi Laye 
                                               Republic Day – Sabhi Adhikar Prapt Hon   

                                                                                                                        Brotherly yours

                                                                                                                        (S.K. Mishra)
                                                                                                                        Secretary General