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Wednesday 25 February 2015

                               [AFFILIATED TO BPEF/BMS]
         T-21, ATUL GROVE ROAD, NEW DELHI 110 001.

Meeting attended by Union representatives:

  1.   Shri S.K.Mishra, Secretary General, BPEF.
  2. Shri C.M. PILLAI, President , BPAOEA   
  3. Shri Sanjay Kumar Sinha, General Secretary, BPAOEA

The following items are discussed in detail and fruitful conclusions are come out:

Stepping –up Sr. Accountant : After detail discussion department have agreed the arguments in the support of para 9 of decision of Hon’ble CAT Principal Bench Delhi, on the case will be  settled amicably in favour of staff with the concurrence of authority concerned on order will be issued without further delay.  

2.    Overlooking the carrier prospects regarding : As par fundamental rules request of similarly placed employees will be examined.   

2 (i) Regarding pending of matter is Department Expenditure the DDG (PAF) has given his opinion and assurance that no officinal method in recruitment of AAO cadre other than proposed RR will be adopted.

2(ii) The Department has proposed Grade Pay of 2400-6000 for LDC, 4200 to JA, 4600 to SA , 5400 to AAO to 7th CPC.

2(iii) As above reply.

2(iv) All pending representation at unit level be finalized by unit and later on it will be confirmed by AAO . All payment will be made within fortnight.
3.   Report will be called fro all circles whether transfer guidelines (internal / external ) is adopting strictly.

        Old Items

(1) ACP –I & II  Grade pay for those MTS completing 12 & 24 years service between 1-1-2006 &29-09-2008 will be finalized in next promotional hierarchy .
(2)  Matter will be examined in the merit of case by case.
(3) Matter is under consideration and order will be revised very early.
(4) Matter is pending with Department of Expenditure and action will be taken after getting reply from DOP&T.  
(5)  A detailed proposal is required from staff side .
(6) Terms & condition will be revised as par DOP&T guidelines that pay in pay band will be not changed only grade pay of lower pay will be provided.

                                                                                          ( Sanjay Sinha  )

                                                                                           General Secretary 

Friday 20 February 2015

Importance of following the due process in disciplinary proceedings

Modified Assured Career Progression Scheme for the Central Government Civilian Employees-Instructions regarding


The Economic Times  17.2.2015

NEW DELHI: Supreme Court has prescribed that a government employee cannot be kept under suspension for over 90 days in the absence of a charge sheet against him as such persons "suffer the ignominy of insinuations, the scorn of society and the derision of their Department".

Observing that "protracted period of suspension of delinquent government employee has become a norm", a bench of Justices Vikramajit Sen and C Nagappan said suspension, specially preceding formulation of charges, was essentially transitory or temporary in nature and must be of short duration.

"If it is for an indeterminate period or if its renewal is not based on sound reasoning contemporaneously available on the record, this would render it punitive in nature," it said.

Dwelling on the issue, the bench observed that "the suspended person suffering the ignominy of insinuations, the scorn of society and the derision  of his Department, has to endure this excruciation even before he is formally charged with some misdemeanor, indiscretion or offence.

"His torment is his knowledge that if and when charged, it will inexorably take an inordinate time for the inquisition or inquiry to come to its culmination, that is to determine his innocence or iniquity.

"Much too often this has now become an accompaniment to retirement. Indubitably the sophist will nimbly counter that our Constitution does not explicitly guarantee either the right to a speedy trial even to the incarcerated, or assume the presumption of innocence to the accused," the bench said.

Accordingly, it directed that "the currency of a suspension order should not extend beyond three months if within this period the Memorandum of Charges/ Charge sheet is not served on delinquent officer/employee; if Memorandum of Charges/Charge sheet is served a reasoned order must be passed for the extension of the suspension."

The apex court's judgement came on a petition by defence estate officer Ajay Kumar Choudhary, who was suspended in 2011 for allegedly issuing wrong no-objection certificates for the use of approximately four acres of land in Kashmir.
Based on the findings given in the verdict, it said the officer can challenge his continued suspension.

"So far as the facts of the present case are concerned, the Appellant has now been served with a Charge sheet and therefore, these directions may not be relevant to him any longer.  "However, if the Appellant is so advised he may challenge his continued suspension in any manner known to law, and this action of the Respondents will be subject to judicial review," the bench said.

Wednesday 4 February 2015


NEW DELHI: Retired government employees who missed out on their promotions due to late meetings of the committees deciding on such departmental elevations will now be able to avail its post-retirement benefits. 

"Instructions have been issued to all ministries and departments to give benefit of promotion to those employees who missed it due to late meeting of departmental promotion committee (DPC)," an official in the department of personnel and training (DoPT) said. 

It would not be in order if eligible employees, who were within the zone of consideration for the relevant year but are not actually in service when the DPC is being held, are not considered while preparing year-wise zone of consideration or panel, as per the DoPT order. 

Consequently, their juniors are considered (in their place) for promotions, who would not have been in the zone of consideration if the DPC had been held in time, it said. 

"Appointment committee of Cabinet has observed that DPCs often do not consider such eligible officers who are retiring before the occurrence of the vacancy in the panel year," the order said, adding that this "undesirable trend negate the very purpose" of government's existing instructions for inclusion of such employees. 

There have been reports that some of the eligible retired employees are not being given the benefit of promotion which they missed due to late DPCs. In fact the DPCs were being held very late, the official said. 

The DoPT has asked all central government ministries and departments under it to ensure "strict compliance" of its instructions to include retiring employees for promotions in case the DPCs are delayed. 

Such retired officials would, however, have no right for actual promotion, the DoPT official said.

Procedure for conduct of supplementary DPC.

Sunday 1 February 2015

6% DA hike from January 2015 – All India Consumer Price Index (Industrial Workers) for December 2014 released.

With all 12 indices for calculating DA from January 2015 in hand now, DA from January 2015 confirmed to be 113%.

GPF & Pension Benefits to Casual Labour with temporary status regularised after 1.1.2004: DoPT seeks information