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Sunday 30 November 2014




Saturday 29 November 2014

                       शोक समाचार

दिनांक 28-11-2014 को भारतीय डाक कर्मचारी महासंघ के सेक्रेटरी जनरल श्री शिवाकांत मिश्र जी की धर्मपत्नी का अचानक स्वर्गवास हो गया है l भारतीय डाक कर्मचारी महासंघ पूरा परिवार शोक संतप्त परिवार के प्रति संवेदना व्यक्त करता है तथा ईश्वर से प्रार्थना करता है कि दिवंगत आत्मा को शान्ति प्रदान करे l
      समस्त भारतीय डाक कर्मचारी महासंघ परिवार 

Friday 28 November 2014

REPLY OF DEPARTMET CASE OF SHRI R.K. REHAL SPM CCSC SO YEMUNANAGAR                                                           AMBALA (HARYANA )

Thursday 20 November 2014







1.Amount Invested doubles in 100 months ( 8years 4 months)
2.Available in denominations of Rs 1,000, 5000, 10,000 and Rs 50,000.
3.Minimum deposit Rs 1000/- and no maximum limit.
4.Certificate can be purchased by an adult for himself or on behalf of a minor or by two adults.
5.KVP can be purchased from any Departmental Post office. This facility will also be extended shortly to the designated branches of commercial Banks.
6.Facility of nomination is available.
7.Certificate can be transferred from one person to another and from one post office to another.
8.Certificate can be en-cashed after 2 1/2 years from the date of issue.

2 and half years but less than 3 years
3  years but less than 3 and half years
3 and half years but less than 4 years
4  years but less than 4 and half years
4 and half years but less than 5 years
5  years but less than 5 and half years
5 and half years but less than 6 years
6  years but less than 6 and half years
6 and half years but less than 7 years
7  years but less than 7 and half years
7 and half years but less than 8 years
8  years but before maturity of the Certificate
On maturity of Certificate 
8 Years 4 month  = 100 months


Wednesday 12 November 2014

दिनांक  2  नवंबर 2014  को भारतीय डाक कर्मचारी महासंघ पंजाब सर्किल का संयुक्त् अभ्यास वर्ग संगरूर (पंजाब ) में हुआ  जिसमे पूरे सर्किल से काफी संख्या में सदस्यों ने भाग लिया l संयुक्त् अभ्यास वर्ग  की फोटो 

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Monday 10 November 2014


Wednesday 5 November 2014


The Department of Posts, Ministry of Communications & IT has brought out a Commemorative Postage Stamp on Liver Transplantation in India.The Commemorative Postage stamp on Liver Transplantation in India was released today by the Minister for Communications &IT and Law &Justice, Shri Ravi Shankar Prasad in the presence of Member Postal Service Board, Shri S.K.Sinha and Chairman, Apollo Hospitals Group Dr. Prathap.C.Reddy who pioneered liver transplantation in India.Sanjay Kandaswamy, the patient who undergone first successful liver transplantation in India in 1998 was also present on the occasion and minister was delighted to see him hale and hearty.

Speaking on the occasion, the minister spoke about release of a commemorative postage stamp as mission statement of recognition of extraordinary initiatives by extraordinary people endowed with extraordinary talent. He observed that organ transplant including liver transplant is a super speciality area of operation though a lot needs to be done to make organ transplant low cost and affordable and exhorted medical community to explore the possibility of public private partnership in this respect.

The minister talked about developing digital infrastructure and associating it seamlessly with health care to make available latest health facilities inclusive and accessible to the common man. He also spoke at length about the people oriented initiatives of the government and cited examples from my gov. and Jana dhana Yojana which have galvanised people’s cooperation and involvement in the schemes dedicated to their development and progress.


परम आदरणीय श्री रवि शंकर प्रसाद जी, संचार मंत्री भारत सरकार के साथ भारतीय  डाक कर्मचारी महासंघ एवं उससे सम्बद्ध सभी आठों यूनियन   की प्रस्तावित बैठक के लिए एजेंडा निम्नवत है 


Bharatiya Postal Employees Federation - Related to General orders .

Item No. 1: Regarding enquiry over results of verification process.

 Sir, the result of verification process was announced on 22nd September , 2010 and it kept on modifying till February 2013 for  one reason or another. Therefore,  it may be quashed  as the review of membership done by Chief Postmaster Generals of Circles and  carried out by Divisional heads without participation of representative of applicant  Unions as desired by Para 2 (ii) of letter dated 18-02-2010 ( Communication regarding procedure to be adopted in re-verification process)

We demand thorough  enquiry and action over erring offices as mentioned in para 3 of letter dated 18-02-2010. There is ample time to do so as five years terms to  recognized unions   expires in February, 2018.

Item No. 2 : Implementation of decision of Court of law accepted by Department to all instead of applicant only. 

Sir, Department is implementing the decisions of court of  law pertaining to modification  in General Service & Pay Rules  to applicants only without extending it to similarly  placed employees which is creating anomalies in pay of  large section of employees . This item bears importance as it is being placed before Hon’ble Law Minister for having a  clear cut  guidance.  

1.     O.A. NO. 2124/2011 in Principal Bench New Delhi filed by AIPEA Union upheld by Hon’ble Supreme  Court  in April, 2013 has been implemented by P.A. Wing, Deptt. of post. It is  regarding stepping up of Pay of Senior working in Postal Accounts in respect to  junior on account grant of ACPs benefits. It  has been implemented  to  members of only one union AIPA EA filing  the OA and  other employee of Postal Accounts were left out and the anomalies thus produced remained unheard .

We demand order immediate implementation to all  employees of Postal Accounts .  

2.     OA No. 955/2013 in CAT Principle Bench New Delhi dated 11-3-2014 filed by Krishan Kumar working in New Delhi GPO as PA and implemented by CPMG New Delhi.  This is regarding  grant of  BCR  promotion on account of completing 26 year in period July 2008 to  August 2008. It has been granted to Applicant only and other employees of Postal Department in different cadre completing 26 years of service  between the period mentioned  were deprived off this provision modified by Court of Law.  

We demand orders for extension of benefit to All others similarly situated employees. .

3.     O.A. No. 164/2005 upheld by  Delhi High Court in Dharam Singh & others implemented by Deptt. vide 2-48/2011-GDS dated 17-08-2012 and corrigendum even No. PCC dated 3-9-2012. This wa  regarding upgradation of pay scales of packer from 750-940 to 950-1500  since 4th C.P.C.  The implementation was restricted to Test category employee and that too without deciding there due upgradations of  TBOP/BCR/ ACP  pay scales leaving aside non test categories employees who have always been treated as at par  with test categories employees.  A similar decision in O.A. No. 464/2014 to 482/2014 dated 8-8-2014 of CAT Bombay is still pending although Bombay Circle is regularly reminding every months to ADG (GDS/ PCC)  for implementing to test as well as not test category .

We, demand order for implementation to non test employees also. We also demand decision over TBOP/BCR / ACP scales to these employees since 4th CPC.  

Item No. 3 : Harassment of office bearers of BPEF & its affiliated unions. 

Sir, the Federation, being aggrieved due to apathy as well as intense reactionary behavior of lower officers towards the spirit of orders for grant of three trade union facilities to BPEF and its affiliated unions, is accepting   with heavy hearts that the entire union is now being engaged in representing, pursuing and fighting against the transfer orders of Divisional Secretaries, Treasurers & presidents issued by Divisions Heads.  The relationship between administration and BPEF members are now badly disturbed at Divisions. We are not sure whether the confusion lies at level of senior officers of Directorate / Circles / Regions / Divisions or at  level of lower  officers  about the implementation of orders of three trade union facilities.

To end up all confusions and is order to move further ahead for departmental progress, we demand that the specific instructions by way of specific orders or by way of instructions during video conferencing with the officers of Circle / Divisions may be issued so that a well clarified understanding can be developed among Sr. officers & Jr. officers at each level with regards to grant of three facilities to BPEF & its affiliated unions.
Apart from above request, the Federation also request that the following transfer orders issued with malafied intentions may be corrected as one time measure.
1.     Shri G. Rajendran, SPM, Chatham and Divisional Secy. BPEA Gr. C from Port Blair to Southern Islands who had being transferred to Port blair only 6 month back from Southern Islands
2.     Shri S.P. Roy, PA and Divisional Treasurer A&N Island Jangli Ghat to Maya Bander Island.   He is going to retire in coming 16 months .

3.     Shri B.N. Dharange and Shri A.A. Deutkar Divisional Secy. & Treasurer of Ahmednagar H.O. under Pune Region.were transferred 50 K.M. away from H.Q.

4.     Shri S.L. Malhotra , PA, Bhilwara, H.O. and Divl. Secretary was transferred two times in 5 months and now he is posted 20 K.M. away from H.Q.

5.     Shri P.P. Kanamwar , Divisional Secy. Chadrapur Dn. Nagpur Region transferred away from H.Q.

6.      Shri P.S. Saraswat , President BPEA Gr. C Gwalior Dn. (M.P.) transferred away from H.Q. 

7.     Shri A.L. Lad, Divisional Secy, BPEA Gr. C Khandwa Dn. (M.P.) transferred away from H.Q. 

8.     Shri Bhure Singh Sikarwar ,  Divisional Secy, BPEA, Gr. ‘C’ Muraina Dn. (M.P.) transferred away from H.Q. 

9.     Shri M.K. Pal, Divisional Secy, BPEA Gr ‘C’ Balaghat Dn. (M.P.) transferred away from H.Q.
     10 Shri P.C. Padiyar, Divisional Secy. BPEA Gr. C Mandsaur Dn. (M.P.) transferred away from H.Q.  

                                                Agenda for discussion

BPEA Association Gr. ‘C’ affiliated to BPEF

Item No. 1: MACPs anomalies due to switching over from TBOP /BCR scheme to it and creation of Postmaster cadre.

            Sir, Department has switched over to MACPs scheme from TBOP/ BCR and in the mean time created PM Cadre in Postal Assistant cadre. The genuine problems of smaller section of TBOP/BCR employees and Postmaster cadre employees remained un heard and therefore varying thought are being prorogated by Circles for want of clear cut order from Directorate. Hence this item of agenda.

Reckoning of regular service under MACPs ( para 9 of Annexure -1) :

(a)   The Department defines para 9 of Annexure -1 in its clarification dated 4-7/ MACPS/2009-PCC dated 25-5-2011.  as “According to para 9 of Annexure –I to MACPS issued by deptt. on 18-9-2009 regular service for the purpose MACPS shall common from date of joining of a post is Direct entry grade on regular basis either on direct recruitment , or on absorb or reemployment ban “. But the Department fails to rely over this clarification while reckoning 20 years regular service for MACPS benefits to a TBOP PA or reckoning 10 years regular service form date of eligible of 2nd MACPs.

The case of Shri K.K. Kar , S.A. ‘N’ Dn. RMS Bhubaneshwar Orissa circle . DOE in MM as 18-10-83, date of first promiittee is SA cadre 22-2-89 . Got TBOP in SA cadre on 13-03-2005 is cited as an example for correcting his 3rd MACPs. Our contention is that since promotional post of Shri Kar  is SA cadre and therefore  whatever  regular service is to be counted for grant of MACPS is  to be counted from  date of entry in SA cadre only ( as allowed by para 9 of Annexure-I  and defined by Department. ) and not from  date of TBOP upgradation  as TBOP is no any  post . If 10 year from TBOP is counted for 3rd MACPs it is against the  provisions of MACP and  also  junior who did not get TBOP will be provided 3rd MACP earlier than  Senior who has earned TBOP prior to him. . We demand that Shri Kar  be granted 3nd MACPs on completion of 20 year of service in SA cadre as he is a promottee SA from Gr. D.   

(b)   Post Master cadre has been created from LSG posts but some PA (TBOP) were allowed to switchover in that cadre without pay fixation benefit as both were carrying similar grade pay.

How the benefit of MACPs will be granted is unknown to  Bombay  Circle in  case of Shri Ram Singh vellshing Pardeshi PM Grade –I  ISP Nasik Road DOE in PA cadre  14-7-82, date of TBOP 14-4-2008 and date of appointment in P.M. cadre  08 --09-2011 . He has been  told by Division that he has to await another 10  years from P.M. Grade –I for any further MACPS as he has changed the cadre from Postal Assistant to Postmaster cadre .

 It is a mockery of reckoning of regular services for MACPs benefits under para 9 of   Annexure –I . We demand that Shri Pardeshi be granted 2nd MACPs on completion of 20 year of service in PA cadre.  

Counting of promotions to provide MACPs benefits. :

(C ) As per provision in RR of Postman  & Mailguard  and  PA/SA cadre , a Group ‘D’ now MTS can appear in Departmental Exam. for promotion  in these cadre simultaneously.

A Gr. ‘D’ appeared in both exam  in same year and  joined Postman after becoming successful in that Exam. and after  few month joined in PA cadre  after becoming successful PA cadre Exam.    

In this service condition of Gr. D above the Circle / Divisional administration are counting the resignation from Postman cadre and  joining in PA  cadre within  lapse  of few month as promotion for the purpose of granting further  MACPs. Our contention is  that every promotion  has to be supported  by Recruitment Rules  of that cadre. In the instant case   requirement of RR of PA cadre has not been fulfilled by that Gr. D . Thus in no case it is promotion from Postman to PA cadre .  

We, demand that orders may be issued from Directorate that thus the above joining  in PA cadre after resignation from Postman cadre should  not be counted as promotion for  MACPs purposes  and due MACPs be provided to them.

Item No. 2 : Problem in APM Accounts cadre

 (a) As per MOF OM No. F.6(1)-E.II(B)/68 dated 08-01-1968 : Special pay in lieu of separate higher scale drawn in   lower post continuously  for a period of three years on the date of promotion / financial up-gradation under the Normal rules was allowed to be treated as part of Basic pay for the purpose of pay fixation. This principle has been forcefully clubbed while implementing judgement in case of Mohan Kumar & others in OA No. 296/2002 dated 22-10-02 and deptt. issued order vide F.No. 2-19/2011-PAP dated 10-1-2013 restricting  the benefits to all employees  up to 22-04-98 .

The fact is that there are others employee who  have actually drawn special pay  continuously for   3 years on the date of promotion  and their claim has been ignored by Deptt. by issuance of order dated 10-1-2013.   

We, demand that the special pay may be taken as part of pay during the promotion without making restriction of extension of benefit upto  24-4-98.  

Item No. 3: Urgent Requirement of accessories in Post offices :  

Several Business and Financial activities are being carried out  and modernization  of Post offices are being done with in complete installation of  software in Post offices and its  Branches. The employees are compelled to face ire of public for  want of complete computer accessories like  Printer,  counting  Machine and even computer sets . The Internet connection of SIFI is very slow . Due to deficiency  of these they have to attend the office late in night to complete the work .

We, demand that at least accessories  like Printer , cash counting machine , and Stationary etc.  may be provided in ample quantities  to ease  daily Postal operation work.

Agenda for discussion

BPEA Postman & MTS affiliated to BPEF

Item No. 1: Anomalies in Postman & MTS cadre produced through Communication dated 4-11-2013:

(1)   A communication 1-20/2008-PCC dated 4-11-2013 has been issued with subject – Application of provisions of para 5 of Annexure of vis-à-vis para 6.2 of O.M. on MACPS dated 18-9-09 .

 The Examples quoted in Para 2 a & b may be modified for  MTS and Postman cadre as below.  In absence of clarification,  recovery from Pension are being made in case of Shri Kanti Mohan Srivastava and Shri Jagdish Postman posted at Luckow chowk by DAP Luckknow.

The scale of pay of Postman has been up-graded from 3050 – 4590 to  3200-4900. Which coincided with there TBOP scale .  Thus as mentioned in above clarification the  para 5 provides for  ignoring of this TBOP promotion and allows consideration during grant of  MACPs benefits. Thus the three MACPs benefits  in Postman cadre under different service conditions would have been as tabulated.

Entry Pay
2nd MACP
3rd MACP
G.P. 2000
TBOP Postman
BCR Postman

(2) Gr. ‘D’/ Mailman has been wrongly placed in para 2(a) by virtue of Example as  Gr. D was having promotional  hierarchy in  Postman / Mailguard cadre and the  BCR scale was equivalent to Postman entry pay. With upgradation of entry pay of Postman the BCR pay of Gr. D now MTS was also upgraded to  3200 –4900  as per para 6 of Annexure I. (as mentioned  in above communication ) . Thus grade pay of Gr. D. now MTS under different conditions is as below. 

Entry grade pay
2nd MACP
3rd MACP
Gr. D
Gr. D. BCR
2000  (on account of BCR as per para 6 replacement scale

We, demand specific order in these cadre under different  service conditions as mentioned above may please be issued because in absence of  it recovery are being made from  Pension by DAP offices. The case of recovery form pension in respect of shri Kanti Mohan Shrivastava and Shri Jagdish , Postman at Lucknow  Chowk H.O. due to not ignoring TBOP promotion are placed as example .

Item No. 2  ;  Non supply of Dress to postman .

In several Circle Dress to Postman are not being  distributed for last 5 years  . It may please be ensured in all Circles.  

 Item No. 3 : The grant of selection grade lift Man cadre working in postal Building maintenance Deptt. under CPMGs. at par with those working in Civil wing of Department of Post.

 The lift operator in Civil Wing as well as lift man in Postal Building maintenance staff subject   is same in all respect as mentioned in Department communication – A-4/2010-PCC dated 2-5-2011 communicated to CPMG Maharashtra Circle. Though this communication department accepts that though selection grade after 8 years of service in lift man cadre is available in CPWD but the same is not mentioned in RR of Lift man working in Department of post.

Since the Civil Wing of Department of Post has modified the RR of Lift Man in has granted selection grade after 8 years of service to the Lift Man working at Dak Bhawan . The case of  Shri K.L. Tiwari , Lift operator working in Dak Bhawan, New Delhi  and granted selection grade vide letter No. ED (E)PED-1/ND/DPC/762-66 dated 13-08-2013 is being cited as example for modification of RR of lift Man of Postal Building maintenance staff under CPMGs .

            In view of above , we demand that  the  same benefit may be extended to lift man of Postal Building Maintenance staff. The case of Shri S.S. Jadhav working as lift man in Bombay GPO in Maharashtra Circle is being cited for not getting selection grade in lift man cadre.  

Agenda for discussion

 BPCW(NG)EU - affiliated to BPEF

 Item No. 1 : Clubbing of communication  dated 23-10-2010 issued  by PE section and dated 12-8-2011 issued by PCC section of Department of Post in order to correctly fix the pay of Wireman working as Postal building maintenance staff under CPMGs and those working under Civil Wing.

 With regard to pay scales of Wireman working in Department of Post a communication No. 2-12/2000-PE-I dated 23-10-2002 has been issued to clarify  that Wireman in  Deptt. of Post as an isolated post with entry pay 210-270 with replacement scale in IV the CPC as 800-1150 and with replacement scale  in 5th  CPC  as 2650-4000  and now 1800 G.P. in . 6th CPC.

Similarly vide para 2 of  Comm. No. 2-13/2009-PCC dated 12-8-2011 it has been decided that  if any pay scale granted to any wireman that is  not framing  a part of hierarchy then that was to be withdrawn  and fall in pay is to be granted as personal pay to be adjusted in future increments .  Similarly the ACP –I grade pay has been granted as  Rs. 4000-6000 & ACP-II granted  as 4500-7000.

Both the communication mentioned above are not been clubbed correctly by the Circle authorities and reductions in pay , if any , due to grant of wrong entry pay to the Wire Man  are  not being formed as personal pay to be adjusted with future increments. Also in lack of it ACP-I &ACP-II scale are also not been granted.  

At  this stage, when employee of this dying cadre of wireman are retiring ( some of them retired also ) and the ACP scheme has also been replaced with MACPs , there is urgent need to issue specific orders by clubbing  both communication issued by PCC and  PE section of Department    so that correct pay fixation of these employees can be reached. The order to open past and pension cases may also be issued with instructions to revise the pensions.  

Item No. 2: Review of CGHS system adopting in Lucknow (U.P.) on adock  basis:

Earlier, there was P&T dispensary system in Lucknow for Postal & Telecom employees. In last year CGHS system was introduced in Lucknow on experimental basis. The CGHS dispensaries are unable to provide proper treatment of employees and therefore allowing them to   purchase medicine from market. This scheme is better for retired employee and not for employee in service. Therefore we demand that old system may be introduced in lucknow and retired employees may be allowed to be become CGHS beneficiary .

 Item No. 3 : The restructuring committee formed in Civil Wing of Department of posts is with holding its recommendations. We demand that the recommendations may be produced for financial concurrence and for approval of Secretary post for onwards submission to Finance Ministry. 

Agenda for discussion

BPAOEA ( Postal Accounts ) affiliated to BPEF

Item No. 1 :  Deciding  of  A.C.P. Grade Pay in New Pay structure i.e. between 1-1-06 to 30-08-2008 to Directly recruited Gr. D now MTS and directly recruited Steno Graphers in light of FAQ clarification 27 (ii) and grant of ACP on 1-1-2006 to those Gr. D who have earned promotion in merged pay scales of 6th CPC in the light of FAQ clarification 27 (iii) issued by DOP&T and endorsed by PA Wing .

(i)             We demand for deciding of  ACP grade pay to Erstwhile Gr. ‘D’ now MTS becoming eligible for ACP on & after 1-1-2006 till 30-08-2008 in New Pay structure as decided and mentioned in FAQ clarification No. 27 (II) endorsed by PA wing vide 15(1)/10/PA Admn.-I/534-557 dated 23-12-2013. 
(ii)            We demand for deciding  of ACP grade pay of Directly recruited Stenographers  in New Pay structure ignoring of promotion in merged scale of pay as mentioned  in FAQ clarification para 27 (II)   & (III) endorsed by Departmental No. 4-7 (MACPS)/2009-PCC dated 23-5-2011.   
(iii)           We demand for grant  of  ACP grade pay in new pay structure  on 1-1-2006 to those Directly recruited Gr. ‘D’ who have been actually promoted in merged scale of Pay of  Datary , Sorter     or both post before 1-1-06 as mentioned in FAQ clarification 27 (iii) circulated by PA wing vide NO. 15 (I)/10/PA(Admn..-i/ 534 to 537 dated 23-12-2013.
 Item No. 2:  Proposal of restructuring in postal Accounts .

(i)  Sir, The restructuring proposal is r/o merging of cadre of LDC, Sorter & Data entry operator and remaining them as Accounts Assistant and placing them is Grade Pay of 2400 has been returned by Finance Ministry for having financial Concurrence and approval of competent authority. The proposal still pending we demand its submission with all formalities to Finance Ministry.

(ii)  Sir, Restructuring proposal is r/o up-gradation /replacement grade pay to Senor A/c to Rs. 4600 has been returned by Finance Ministry for having finance concurrence and proper recommended of concerned Authority.  The same is  still pending therefore we demand its submission Finance Ministry after completion of all formalities .   

Item No. 3 : MACPS in cadre Hierarchy :

The Govt. has switched over from ACP scheme to MACP scheme and therefore it is not correct to change its very principle to grant MACPS in cadre hierarchy rather than in grade pay hierarchy.  The Hon’ble Supreme Court is SLP CC 7467/ 2013 dated 10-4-13 has rejected the contention of Govt. to grant MACPS in grade pay hierarchy and restored MACPS to be granted in cadre hierarchy as being done during ACPS.  

Therefore,  we demand  that the Department instead of defending the  cases of grant of MACPS in grade pay  hierarchy it may issue order to grant it  in cadre  hierarchy.

Agenda for discussion

 BRMS & MMS Mailguard & Gr. D affiliated to BPEF
Item No. 1 : Regarding for seniority Cum-fitness promotion from Mailguard to Sorting Assistant :  

It was communicated to our union vide 37-5/2010 –SPB-I dated 23-2-2010 that during finalization  of RR of Mail Guard & PA/SA the view of our union will be taken into account on the issue of 50% SCF quota in RR of MG and SA of RMS. Unfortunately  no proposal has been demanded from us and RR has been finalized.

 Thus we demand that  our  proposal to create 50% promotion  quota on SCF basis in SA cadre for promotion from Mailguard cadre  may be created and RR by  modifying it .   

Item No. 2:  Revival of 101 Sorting offices abolished by a policy of Department:

  An communication over Merger / Abolition  of RMS office was issued vide No. 28-19/2006-D dated 19-09-2007 to    inform us that 101 sorting offices were closed on account of agreement with recognized unions. This decision was operationally advantageous and will lead to expedited delivery of Mail. It is also a part of initiative to consolidated Mail offices and Rationalize Mail Network to  reduce cost of operation , quality of service and ensure optimal utilization  of resources.  The decision has put following draw backs in RMS operations .

1.     Mail , now at this stage, are  badly delayed.
2.     The employees have to handle many  times  an article than he was handling previously.  
3.     Unnecessarily travelling of Mail between one stations to another is the out come of Hub system .
4.     Since Govt. has decided to scrutinize the sorting offices with help of  recognized union , they have only taken care that offices  where there members of recognized unions are  posted that offices were  not abolished and were Bharatiya union members were employed that offices were abolished.  

   Thus we demand that those offices which have been abolished due to MNOP may be revived. 

Item No. 3: Utilization of Mail Vans standing in the loco set of Railways.

 Sir, the Deptt. has to bear the cost of constructing the Mail Vans according to our use and  its utilization  to Railways Deptt.. But  the Department has discontinued its use and now a days they are utilize by Railway Department as  accident vans  and most of them are  standing in Loco sets .

We demand that orders for utilization of Mail Vans may be issued. 

Agenda for discussion

BRMS & MMS Employees Union Class-III  affiliated to BPEF

Item No. 1: Revising of OTA / OSA rates :

 (i) The R .M.S. staff that travel in RMS section are granted an out station allowance instead of the usual travelling allowances  on account of period of absence from HQ in connecting with such duties exceeding  six hours.

We demand that rates of OSA be revised and for the period of stay in localities where higher rate of DA is admissible the normal rates  of OSA  may be enhance by 20%.

(ii) Sir, the OTA are being granted for completion  of those work which can not  be suspended for even a single minutes  and therefore an employee has to continuous that work beyond duty hours.

In R.M.S. running sections and set duties if his replacement do not turn up then same employee is asked to continue the journey and work for next 24 or 48 hours so that transmission and delivery of Mail do not suffer. The 6th CPC has not imposed any restriction  of OTA but our department who is running  RMS section and  allow complete 8 hours duty must give one day pay in lieu of OTA.

Therefore we demand that  the RMS employee  may not be placed alongwith general pool employees who occasionally  work on OTA . Suitable approach to grant complete one day work may be made.  

Item No. 2 : Reviving Sorting in Section on experiment basis :

The Speed post service are the best service in Deptt. of Post collecting revenue . The scheme  is popular among the people of  India . But now a  days due to Hub system the  delivery is badly delayed .

            The Deptt. is launching  so many schemes and learns its  effect over revenue and operations and in due course brings some changes to increase efficiency .  Now the time has come to   think revival of  sorting sections for speed post Article on experiment basis.

Item No. 3 :  Providing Dress to every RMS employees.

The Services of RMS are mixed up with Railway operations and many employees have to work on Railway stations. The Rail employee have Dress code in order to get identification where  ever  they move.

The R.M.S. staff has also to move from one place to another without any identification mark. They have to some time to face humiliation on the hands of R.P.F. or other   Railway employees.

Therefore we demand for a dress to each Gr. C. Employees of RMS.

Agenda for discussion

 BPAOEU (Admn.)  affiliated to BPEF

Item No. 1 : Opportunity to appear in PSS Gr. B Exam.

There is no promotional opportunity for Administrative staff PA (CO) in the present structure of Postal Deptt. It is therefore demanded that Administrative employees along with Civil wing , SBCO and  RMS employees may be allowed to appear  in PSS Gr. ‘B’ Exam. .

Item No. 2: Regarding Appointment on Compassionate basis in promotion quota as there is no restriction over it.

 Sir, one hand ample number of vacancies remaining unfilled since 5 years i.e. from date the Govt. has lifted ban an recruitment in year 2009 and on other hand the dependents of deceased employees are awaiting their turn for compassionate appointment due to ceiling of 5% vacancies and the merit point system for Compassionate appointment.

            We demand as one time measure , absorption of these applicants in direct as well as promotion quota of vacancies’ appearing in M.T.S. , Postman / Mailguard , PA/SA , LDC and Junior Accountant posts.

Item No. 3 : Seniority Cum fitness quota in various promotions ;

 We demand that The Department either have seniority cum fitness quota in  every cadre  of postal Department or concede the Jdodhpur CAT and Principle Bench CAT decisions that competitive Exam taken by Department of  post for promotion from one cadre to another  are Direct Recruitment is nature and therefore  MACPS may be allowed accordingly.

                                                  Agenda for discussion

Bharatiya Extra Departmental Employees Union (GDS)  affiliated to BPEF

Item No. 1: Reducing compulsion of 50% merit point for appointment on compassionate ground in GDS cadre to 30% :

 Revised instruction No. 17-17/2010-GDS dated 1-8-11 were issued  making compulsory  for dependent of deceased employee for appointment on compassionate basis to  attain   50% merit points to become eligible for compassionate appointment in GDS cadre.

            We demand that if  the Department intends  to impose  merit point compulsion then  it should not  be more than 30% .

Item No. 2 : Regularization of GDS employees :

 In earlier days the G.D.S. were employed to serve the Deptt. on honorary basis.  These employees have alternate source of income and compulsorily have landed property.

Now  with change in RR , the G.D.S. can get employment anywhere in India , thus their source of income is only the remuneration they get on employment under GDS .  Since business and financial scheme are being lunched regularly and GDS were also included in the process of earning and targets of business are being allotted.  This involves there whole day for the service of Department. Therefore, now the time has come

1.     To regularize them as permanent Civil Servant under Article 309.
2.     50% Gr. C post may be reserved for them.
3.     Relaxation in age and marks to be obtained in examination may be made.  
4.     Three MACPS may be guaranteed to them.            

Item No. 3 : The GDS may be brought under preview of 7th CPC.