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Friday 29 May 2020



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Monday 25 May 2020

Ordinary Indian to be Empowered with Vast Network of Post Office and the Power of Technology: Shri Ravi Shankar Prasad

Around 6 lakh food and Ration packets were Distributed to Labourers, Municipal Workers Etc. Through Self-contribution and in association with NGOS

Shri Ravi Shankar Prasad Minister of Communications, Law & Justice and Electronics and IT, reviewed the activities and effort of Department of Posts during Coving19 crisis through Video Conferencing. Shri Sanjay Shamrao Dhotre Hon’ble Minister of State of Communications, Shri P. K. Bisoi Secretary, Posts, Ms. Arundhaty Ghosh, DG, Postal Services and other senior officers also attended the VC at the Head Quarter. All the Chief Postmaster Generals attended through VC from respective Circle Headquarters.
2.         The VC was conducted on first “Make in India” VC Solution developed by C-DOT. As such, it was also a first successful trial run of the VC solution.
3.         The highlights of the Covid efforts of India Post:
·         More than 2000 tonnes of medicines and medical equipment were booked and delivered to needy individuals and hospitals across the country.
·         Road Transport Network running more than 25000 Kms daily and carrying more than 75 tonnes of mails and parcels was introduced to strengthen the supply chain.
·         Around Rs.1500 Crore disbursed at the door step using Aadhar enabled Payment System (AePS) of India Post Payment Bank to around 85 lakh beneficiaries.
·         75 lakh electronic money orders (EMO) payments made under various schemes of financial inclusion worth Rs.760 Crore.
·         Direct Benefit Transfers (DBT) payments worth Rs.1100 crore disbursed in beneficiary accounts.
·         Around 6 lakh food and ration packets were distributed to labourers, municipal workers etc. through self-contribution and in association with NGOs.

4.         The CPMGs shared the activities undertaken as a dedicated team effort of postal staff. Different circles excelled in different activities like:
·         Gujarat and Uttar Pradesh pioneered in tie ups with pharmaceutical and Medicine Company and providing logistic solution.
·         Bihar Uttar Pradesh, Gujarat, Andhra Pradesh, Rajasthan, Punjab and Telangana have been leading states in financial inclusion.
·         Delhi, West Bengal and Maharashtra circles performed well in ensuring the gateway for North, North East and Southern states of the country.
·         Haryana, Karnataka, Kerala circles developed customised apps for receiving service request from public and fulfilment thereof.

5.         Certain innovative models of service delivery and promoting regional specialities were also shared by the CPMGs such as:
·         Jammu & Kashmir has finalised delivery of Prasad of Mata Vaishno Devi Temple and Saffron from Kashmir across the country shortly.
·         Punjab is promoting booking and distribution of Indian medicines through post offices and also in association with CSCs.
·         Bihar excelled in taking “Apka Bank Apke Dwar” with around 11.65 lakh disbursal worth Rs.147 crore.

6.         Minister of Communication, sharing his vision for the Department, instructed the CPMGs and senior officers of India Post to work towards realizing the vision of Prime Minister for an Aatma Nirbhar Bharat. He spelt out the following priority areas in post-Covid situation for the Department.
·         Provide logistics support for Indian Systems of Medicines that include Ayurveda, Unani, Siddha etc. in different parts of the country.
·         “Dakiya” should become fist resource for collecting database of migrants, their skill sets, opening of their accounts and facilitate payments under MGNREGA and other Govt. Schemes.
·         India Post should prepare strategic plan, dovetailing suggestions from the field, to become flag bearer of an Indian Supply Chain through which tele-medicine, agri-products, handicrafts, artisan products and other local specialities can be connected from producer to ultimate buyer eliminating the middleman.
·         He emphasised that experience gained from distribution of medicines and essential items during Covid period has created this opportunity to scale-up the model.
·         The Minister also appreciated the good work of the postal employees and officers in their role as “Covid Warriors”.
·         Concluding the event, Minister made it clear that ordinary Indian has to be empowered with vast network of Post Office and the power of technology i.e. digital inclusion supplemented by financial inclusion and strong physical supply chain.
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भारतीय डाक कर्मचारी महासंघ परिवार की ओर से सभी को ईद मुबारक 


Monday 18 May 2020

Honourable President of India,
New Delhi.

We most respectfully submits:
       At outset BMS welcome the endeavour of Central Government to revive the post  covid 19 economy of the country by allocating 20 lacs crore to different sector to uplift MSMEs,Farmers,Workers etc.BMS also congratulate the Central Government for minimising the human life loss due to the pandemic in Indiawhen compared to developed countries.
       But, at the same time, BMS is very much pained to note that some state governments viz., UP,MP and Gujarat have passed Ordinancesfreezing Labour Laws for 3/4 years.Many more States are on way to follow the same path. Many of state governments have amended the Factories Act and increased working hours from 8hrs to 12hrs without any consultation with stakeholders like BMS.
     We come to know from different sources that more investments will be attracted resulting in more developmentsin the state. But BMS can't digest the idea of state governments that workers are road blockers of development.BMS wants that the s
State governments should convince the country,how workers are hurdle in way to development.We are thankful to the Prime Minister Sri Narendra Modiji for recognising workers’ contribution in development of the country during his speech on 12th May 2020.BMS is of considered opinion that these actions of State governments is misleading, illegal, unwarranted ,against humanity, violation of fundamental rights, violation of 47 ILO Conventions and also against the vision of development.

As such BMS has no option other than to proceed for agitation programmes to safe guard the interest of poor workers with following demands:
1.... Immediate withdrawal of freezing of Labour Laws for three years or more by UP,MP and GujaratState governments.
2 .... Immediate withdrawal of enhanced working hours by State Governments of Maharashtra,Goa,Rajasthan, Odisha,Bihar etc.
3....Ensure payment of wages for March and April 2020 to all workers.
4......Ensure immediate concerns of food,shelter health, transport, job etc to migrant workers at both ends.
5 .... Prepare National Register of migrant workers.
BMS hope that your majesty will desist from giving assent to the Ordinances,look into the legitimate demand of workers, direct the State Government and do the needful.
  With Regards, 

Saturday 9 May 2020

महाराणा प्रताप जयंती पर शत शत नमन 

Friday 8 May 2020

 आज दिनांक 8 मई 2020 को भारतीय मज़दूर संघ के राष्ट्रीय महामंत्री माननीय श्री विरजेश उपाध्याय  

जी एवं   राष्ट्रीय संघठन मंत्री माननीय श्री सुरेंद्रन जी माननीय श्री  अमित शाह  जी केंद्रीय गृहमंत्री  को मिले तथा कर्मचारियों की समस्याओं के बारे में एक मेमोरंडम दिया 

       भारतीय मज़दूर संघ 

Dattopant Thengadi Bhawan, 27, Deendayal Upadhyay Marg, New Delhi-110002
Tel:- 011 23222654 Fax: 91-11-23212648
Website: E-mail :

No. BMS/A-40/101/2020                                                                                  Date: 08-05-2020

Shri Amit Shah ji
Minister of Hone Affairs,
Govt. of India, Delhi.

Subject: - Burning Problems of Migrant & Unorganized Workers,
                            and Remedy-requested.
Dear Sir,
We would like to bring following points for your kind reference and perusal:-

While on one hand the health concerns on account of COVID-19 are all pervading, on other hand, the assault on employment is deepening. The migrant workers are in bunkers meeting the savage blows. The long drawn lockdown caused closure of activities and also loss of employment. They endured on their own for a fortnight. But at the month end, their worries for family- wellbeing became paramount concern and the only thought was to go home.
          In this calamity, migrants were on move, finding whatever source that came handy. And few as well left on foot for homes. But the road blocked at districts/State boundaries, caused them stop midway. Scant of discontents caused governments to find need to meet situation. The efforts are under way.
 Three Categories.
These workers broadly fall under three categories.
1.     Those who are back home
2.     Those stranded midway.
3.     Those still are around their work places.
It is imperative to address these challenges by focusing on followings.
a.     Those who stranded midway must reach home on priority.
b.     Provide jobs to those who are still around their work places. The need is to permit open, export units, construction sites and SMEs.
c.     Those who reached home could get instant employment by opening MGNEREGA schemes and undertake activities like road building and repairs, government/ community building repairs, cleaning water ponds/ lakes, cleaning canals and converting waste into manure meant for agriculture.
This way employment for a fortnight or a month, around their residences could be generated.
d.     The nearby semi urban stations could be tapped for starting construction activities and could start tiny and rural industries.
e.     For return journey of interested migrants transportation is required to be arranged.
This way economy and employment may slowly walk back to normalcy.
Construction Workers.
       I.            All registered constructions workers must get the relief payment by doing away with problems in payments through Banks. If not then they must be paid in cash, on basis of identification and verification of their documents.
    II.            Those who could not renew the registration also must get this relief and enrollment all the same, for year 2020.
 III.            The unregistered construction workers be extended the relief amounts on production of identification documents.
Beedi Workers
This is the sector providing employment to lacs. It must be open on priority. But with due provision.
I.                   Those who roll beedi from homes be taken on priority.
J.  Tendu leaves and tobacco be made available around their homes by their factories.
K.  Collect rolled beedies at their homes.
L.  Ensure payment of minimum wages.
M.  Reduce GST. Rates and provide wage support.
N.  Continue welfare board activity and open dispensary.
O.  Unregistered beedi workers to start getting BPL benefits.
P.  Like others, financial package for beedi workers on account of work loss due to lockdown. Follow Kerala state who paid Rs 3000 per worker and Telangana Rs. 1500.
Y. Non-Fishing Allowance payment be made forthwith to fisherman engaged in sea fishing.
Z. Financial Aid to those fishermen engaged in Inland fishing with immediate commission of fishing activities.
Agriculture Workers.
Along with farmers, the workers also be paid relief money.

Ø All those who are engaged in any kind of self employment activities be given help on lines of Delhi, where street venders, E-rickshaw, Auto, and Cycle rickshaw pullers are given financial help.
Ø One year tax holiday.
Ø Interest waiver on loan for a year.
Ø Financial package for handloom workers/ weavers, besides sufficient supply of yarn at reasonable price.
Ø Financial help to domestic workers and movement pass be given.
Tribal Workers
·        Comprehensive  schemes to be formulated  forest product purchase.
·        Water conservation schemes, well-water procurement through repairs and excavations, creation of check dams and Anycuts.
·        Land fertility up-gradation programme.
·        Re-commence projects under MGNAREGA schemes.
·        Proper Quarantine facilities to those migrant workers reaching homes. In case of want of sufficient places, the migrants may be quarantined at bigger places like Block. Tehsil Centers.

Non-Residence Indians
          The large numbers of NRIs stranded in Gulf countries an in Malaysia are eager to return to India. They are in laces. Their livelihood in India is matter of concern. An exhaustive rehabilitation programme needs to be launched. The concerned State will have to get ready just in time.
Signature-VU 001
(Virjesh Upadhyay)
General Secretary

No. BMS/A-40/101/2020                                                                                  Date: 08-05-2020
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·       lHkh Non-Renewal iaftd`r Jfedksa dks Hkh jkgr jkf'k dk Hkqxrku djuk rFkk mUgsa o"kZ 2020 ds fy;s Lor% uohuhdj.k djukA
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 tSls gh dksjksuk ladV lekIr gksxk eysf'k;k vkSj [kkM+h ns'kksa ls cM+h la[;k esa izoklh etnwj Hkkjr ykSVuk pkgsaxsA ;g la[;k yk[kksa esa gksxhA bu lcdks Hkkjr esa thfodksiktZu dh O;oLFkk djuk gksxkA
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Signature-VU 001
विरजेश उपाध्याय