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Sunday 23 December 2012



(i)            The case of LDC inducted through LDCE Exam. – There are several evidence that this quota employee has to be treated as direct recruit for ACP / MACPs purposes. But the Circles are not considering this aspect in due sprit and incorrect grant of ACP/ MACPs is being done.

(a)  As evidence to the above case clarification no. 8 of ACP clarifications dated 10-2-2000 issued by DOP&T is enclosed. Since RR of LDC contains direct recruitment as well as well LDCE quota therefore LDCE categories may be treated as direct recruit for the purpose of ACP/MACP.  

(b)  As an evidence to the above case clarificatory order issued by Railway Deptt. in consultation  with of DOP& T is enclosed for your ready reference. 

(c )  As an evidence to the above case column  No. 8 of schedule of RR 2001 of LDC cadre which depicts that educational qualification of DR and LDCE candidates is same is also to be taken into account. Similarly column No. 11 provide   four different categories of employees to be inducted in LDC cadre in which  5% quota through   LDCE employees are  separate from Departmental Exam. Employee.  Similarly Column No. 12 which decide promotional category of employees in LDC cadre do not contain LDCE quota employee. These facts of RR 2001 of LDC explain that LDCE employee is direct recruits for the purpose of ACP/MACP.

(ii)           The case of ACP/MACP of erstwhile Gr. D now MTS. – The matter has arisen due to non consideration of clarification no. 3 issued by PA wing no. 3(4)/09/PA Admn.I/666 to 686 dated 18-3-2010 while considering / deciding  the existing hierarchy of Gr. D on 1-1-2006. The fact that Gr. D and sorter are placed in same grade of Rs. 1800 by 6th CPC the promotion of Gr. D to sorter cadre may be ignored for MACP purpose has never considered by Circles. Due to these reasons the Circles remained indifferent to new hierarchy existing on 1-1-2006 and has granted incorrect ACP grade pay.

It is pertinent to mention here that as per para 3 of DOP&T clarification (Enclosed) dated 9-9-2010 the benefits of ACP between 1-1-2006 and 30-9-2008 was to be granted in new hierarchy existing after 6th CPC has been ignored by Circles. 

The Association was expecting from the PA Wing that it will issue new hierarchy of these Gr. D after issuance of clarification dated 18-3-2010 but this did not happen.

Somehow after receiving various representation of employees,  the U.P.Circle has taken lead and sent a proposals vide letter No. Admn.I S/P-II /MISC/ representation /BPEF/D-391 dated 25-5-2012 and DO letter  dated 23-11-2012 deciding the hierarchy on the basis of various orders of ACP/MACP and submitted the case of 33 employees for your confirmation . In on each occasion the PA Wing vide instruction F.No. 15(1)/10/PA Admn-I /172-173 dated 25-7-2012 and dated 7-12-2012 has asked them to take decisions on the basis of existing available hierarchy as proposed by them and other instructions issued on time to time in the matter.

The contention of this association is that if the  U.P. Circle is being guided / allowed to grant ACP-I grade pay of LDC and ACP-II grade pay of JA to Gr. D now MTS then why not other circles be issued clarification to grant ACP/MACPs to these low paid employees on the line of U.P. Circle by clearly mentioning the existing hierarchy of these employees in new pay structure. 


(i)            Carving out 10% quota from D.R. quota in JA cadre and filling it with LDCE as recommended in above para of 6th CPC.
(ii)           Changing 5% quota through LDCE for recruitment in LDC cadre to 10% as recommended in above para of  6th CPC.
(iii)          Introducing 10% LDCE quota in the RR of AAO in the light of above para of 6th CPC recommendation in view of proposal of PA Wing for induction of direct recruitment in this cadre.
(iv)         The grade pay of 4600 to  SA of PAO as per DOP&T letter dated 13-11-2009 and may be granted by processing / examining in the line through which Assistant of  CSS existing in pay scale 5500 -9000 as on 1-1-2006  were granted grade of Rs. 4600 .

 This anomaly has arisen in PAO after issuances of orders for grant of grade pay of 4600 to Assistant on 16-11-2009 on the basis of instructions contained in DOP&T letter dated 13-11-2009. (Copy enclosed).

 On going through the text of letter dated 16-11-2009 it reveals that following factors were taken into accounts while deciding the case. They are 

(a)  Representation of various unions.
(b)   Para 2.2.21 (v) Recommendations of 6th Pay Commission over which DOP&T letter dated 13-11-2009 has been issued.
(c)  Due consideration to the para 3.1.3  of 6th CPC  recommendation regarding  parity between  field and office staff up to level of Assistant of CCS  has been taken into account. (Copy enclosed).
(d)  Despite the fact that Assistants of CSS were on pay scale of 5500 -9000 as on 1-1-2006, they were granted the grade pay of Rs. 4600 meant for the posts existing in the pay scale 6500-10500 on the basis of 6th CPC recommendations for merger of pay scale for 5500-9000 and 6500-10500.  It is due to this merger of pay scale they were deemed to have been placed in pay scale of Rs. 6500-10500 as on 1-1-2006. (Copy of pay fixation orders is enclosed). 

In this regard contention of the Association is that the PA Wing remained in different to the excepted activities after issuance of order dated 13-11-2009 and did not become active enough to examine the case of SAs in light of various recommendations of 6th CPC which can be helpful in grant of correct grade pay of Rs. 4600 on 1-1-2006.

Therefore we request that the case on following grounds may be examined. 

(i)    As recommended in Para 7.56.8 of 6th CPC the merger of pay scale of Rs. 5500-9000 and 6500-10500 in IA and AD may be taken into account and the SAs may be deemed to be placed in 6500-10500 on 1-1-2006 as was decided by DOP&T regarding pay fixation  in case of Assistant of CCS .

(ii)           The issue of parity mentioned in para 7.56.8  may be decided as par placement of SAs and Assistant of CCS on similar pay scale of 6500-10500 as on 1-1-2006 and not on the basis of certain merit . In case of granting parity to Assistant of CCS similar principal were applied. 


(i)            No satisfactory effort is being made in Circles over direct recruitment of LDC and JA cadre from SSC. All recruitments may be ensured within 3 months.

(ii)           Frequent and large amount of depletion in JA/ SA cadre is being made        due to adoc promotion in AAO cadre but the very few cases Rule 38 transfer and deputation are not being considered in Circles and Directorate. 
We demand that orders regarding clearance of all application of Rule 38 transfer and deputation may be issued. 

(iii)          Tenure transfer / Posting over sensitive post in PAO up to AAO level may be made clearer. All seats in PAO up to AAO level may be identified and orders regarding these may be implemented strictly.

The provision of choice posting in AAO cadre two years before retirement is not being implement strictly despite clear cut tenure transfer /posting order.

Similarly Transfer/Posting of Union office bearers over sensitive and other post may be made clear.

                                                                                                 (Sanjay Kr. Sinha)
                                                                                                General Secretary

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