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Monday 3 December 2018

Discussion Failed hence the BPEF  affiliates unions decided to continue the Nation wide Strike on 4-12-2018
As you all are well aware of that BPEF ( All affiliated Unions including GDS) served notice on 01-11-2018 to hold  one day Nationwide Strike on 04-12-2018 in support of 36 demands of regular employees and 7 demands of GDS employees.
  On 29-11-2018 a meeting called for by Hon’ble DDG (SR & Legal) to discuss the strike matter on 03-12-2018 at Postal Directorate Room No. 347-D Dak Bhawan, New Delhi . Accordingly meeting held today at 11.30 hrs to 14.30 hrs. with the Administration of Postal Directorate  and 7 General Secretaries along with Secretary General were present in the meeting from Staff Side.
The role of the Department was not found  positive , rather it seems as the Department  exercised  formalities only.
        In absence of any fruitful result after a long hectic discussion, it is unanimously decided by BPEF team to continue the one day strike on 04-12-2018 .

        Hence it is appealed to all the office bearers and members of BPEF affiliate’s unions to make the  strike grand success.  

(S.K. Singh)            (Sanjay Kr. Sinha)               (K.K. Kar)
Secretary General         General Secretary            General Secretary
      BPEF                            BPAOEA                           BRMS-III

(S.S. Jadhav)          (Balram Pandey )        (Triloki Tandan)
General  Secretary          President                          General Secretary
       BP-IV                        Civil Wing                              BRMS-IV
                                    ( Sugandhi Kr. Mishra)
                                         General Secretary

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