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Thursday, 9 July 2020

District/Union Letter pad)
Govt. of India
New Delhi
Sadar Namaskar,
We came to know that you are relentlessly working for the people of your Constituency amidst the dreaded Covid-19.  We hope you are doing well and in good health.
We would like to bring to your kind notice that India is passing through a critical situation which requires that the Government, trade unions, industrial organizations, political parties, social organizations etc. should work together for the revival and recovery from the crisis. But unfortunately, some of the issues related to labour has been spoiled due to the wrong policies of both Central and various State Governments. Bhartiya Mazdoor Sangh, the largest National Trade Union of India, was compelled to go for nationwide protest program on the following issues like:
1.         Pathetic situation of Migrant workers and livelihood of unorganized workers: Migrant workers amounting to nearly 8 to 11 crores are the most exploited workers. Wherever they are not properly treated, not given sufficient wages and work, not camped properly, they are going back to their villages where they get love and recognition. Now giving jobs and income are big challenges for the sending states. Similarly, the entire Un-Organised sector workers forming 93% of the total workforce are facing problems. Every issue related to labour should be consulted in tripartite fora to find solutions. Food security should be ensured for every worker.
2.         Payment of Wages: It is a major issue. We appreciate that many good employers have paid wages during March, April and May. But, even though MHA had ordered payment, many employers have refused to pay wages who in fact had accumulated profits in the previous years out of the sweat and toil of the workers. So they have a moral duty to pay considering workers as members of an extended family. Tiny, micro and small enterprises shall be asked to pay wages in time and it should immediately be reimbursed by the Government as wage subsidy.
3.  Huge Job Loses: Many firms have not opened and many have started working with fewer workers; so the country is facing large job losses. All those who think about the development of the nation should work together and bring industrial activities to normalcy so that everyone gets back his job.
4. Labour Law Changes: Suspension of Labour laws in three states, compulsory forfeiting of the salary of Government employees including health workers in many states, increase of working hours from 8 to 12 hours in nearly 15 states are examples. Industry and labour should go together, thinking otherwise are detrimental to the nation. The Government should desist from any anti-worker amendment in labour laws in the name of shifting of companies from China or other countries. 
5.         Unbridled Privatization: Public Sector in India had played a great role and is still playing which, we have seen during corona days. It is highly deplorable that highly profitable sectors are now kept for sale. It is also factually wrong that on a whole PSUs are loss-making. The government should respect PSUs and the employees working there who are the forefront warriors in saving the nation from the pandemic, whereas the private sectors were either hesitant or paralyzed.  
We had welcomed the stimulus package of 20 lakh rupees as well as the concept of Atma Nirbhar Bharat saying workers, farmers and small industries as three pillars of India’s economic development. We are in support of whatever good things done by the Government.  
BMS had time to time given good suggestions to the Government, but the Government is not ready to have a social dialogue with trade unions even though the online mechanism, except two meetings held by the labour ministry. Such discussions used to take place frequently in the past. 

Hence, we request you as a Member of Parliament who has done valuable service to the people, to persuade the Government to work to improve the conditions of the labour and not to indulge in wrong practices against the interest of the workers.
Thanking you.

District Secretary/ Union Secretary

NOTE: Give a separate Supplementary Memorandum on Industry /State /Sector-specific issues if any

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