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Friday, 10 March 2017



You all are well aware that as per direction of some foreign elements the said comrades have become habitual to serve notice of one day strike to give honour of “Red Salute” to their God father in every year and try to celebrate it as festival. This strike is not for making pressure upon Government to solve any problem but this is only a false effort to oppose for opposing.

 We would like to make very clear that when the  strike will be necessary in favour of employees against Govt. policies , we will issue notice of strike and  will stand in first row of strikers.

The announce date of this strike was in February 2017 in earlier notice. But it was changed for 16th March 2017 in a planned way. One of our dynamic leader from Allahabad Postal Division, Shri Vikram Sing generally use to says that these people are very cleaver persons. When these comrades get news about  some new achievements going to be  come out  very soon, at the same time they issue strike notice to draw  attention of employees for taking credit. Dear brother, it is inform you that the allowances committee has given its  report to the  Government but due to Model code conduct regarding Elections in some states , it could not  be announced timely. This is the reason of one day strike. In one hand, they want to take credit and secondly they want to please their said god father.

BPEF appeals to our members and office bearers to perform their duties and remain away from this strike to demoralise these elements by your high moral way which is our identity.

                                                        Office Secretary- BPEF


  1. Dear Prem Chand Ji,

    Thanks for the English version of the matter.

    N Harikumar
    Asst: Circle Secretary
    BPEA Group - C
    Kerala Circle
    Thodupuzha -685586
    Mob : 9447020070

  2. These unions gave strike call even in 1998 when the govt under Atalji was facing economic sanction due to Pokarn Atomic,Instead of supporting govt in national intrest

    They did not show vibrant protest like major strike when Nataraj committee report has many negative implications on GDS just because the then ruling govt was different.

    Now also these unions are silent on many negative effects of cadre restructuring to PA cadre where officials are disturbed from present posts without any financial benifit or change in nature of duties.

    These union didn't go on strike when ACP for 12 and 24 was introduced in other Dept but in our Dept it for 16 and 26 years TBOP and BCR.

    This union supported for reduction of 5% &15% operative &Supervisor post for Tbop and BCR scheme but did not go on strike to restore same when same is abolished after MACP.

    Intoto its become annual ritual for them to give strike call regularly and claiming credit for whatever govt decided to give and blaming govt if not.

    So all right thinking person should neglect such duplicity in approach of unions and use strike as last resort after positive dialogue and approach forgetting ideological bias.

    Due to pre conceived negetive ideological biased approach of such unions employees are deprived of meaning full cordial relationship with present govt to achieve their goals.

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  4. Good we are supporting bpea decision K S RAVINDRABABU DVL SEC BPEA. CHENNAI CENTRAL DVN

  5. Good we are supporting bpea decision K S RAVINDRABABU DVL SEC BPEA. CHENNAI CENTRAL DVN

  6. We Will arrange the control room to help of oppose striker.

  7. Gds ke liye jo kaam aap kar rhen h uske liye dhanyawad
    :- Bpm dhiradhar(dinesh singh)