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Wednesday 7 March 2018

Dear Friends
          Namaskar ,
We hope that all of you are quite well and performing your responsibilities nicely, friends , today i.e. on 07-03-2018 we attended the very important meeting / workshop on sensitization of implementation of IPPB and an integrated programme  of IPPB (copy of details in enclosed) with this circulars for your kind reference too.
          The submission and performance of BPEF was wonderfull and all the Sr. officers of DOP along with Secretary (Posts) and CEO, IPPB have witnesses  the glorious and remarkable speech rendered by Secretary General BPEF , who raised all the issues and doubts very firmly and charged the Postal Board along with other Federations critising anti employees attitude of central Govt. . Secretary General also warned the department that in the event of any failure like other PESU, the DOP may lost it’s identity and credibility. Thus the DOP must take care of the anxiety of it’s employees over the issues raised and the same may kindly be redressed before implementation of integrated programme of DOP- IPPB. The other representative from BPEF have also kept their views for betterment of services.    

Representatives from BPEF to represent in workshop on 07-03-2018 on IPPB. 

Shri S.K. Singh Secretary, General, BPEF
Shri M.S. Chandel, General Secretary, BPEA Gr. C 
Shri Sanjay Kr. Sinha, General Secretary, BPAOEA 
Shri Sugandhi Kr. Mishra General Secretary BEDEU
Shri Anant Kr. Pal, Dy. General Secretary, BPEA Gr. C 
Shri G.K. Dhiman, Treasurer, BPEF
Shri Ghanshyam Tripathi , Treasurer, BEDEU 

       M.S. Chandel                                        Sanjay Kr. Sinha
      General Secy. BPEA Gr. C                  Secretary - BPEF