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Tuesday 3 October 2017

सभी डिवीजनल सेक्रेटरी दिनांक 4 अक्टूबर 2017 को डिवीज़न पर होने वाले धरने का मेमोरंडम   अपने -अपने लेटर पैड पर नीचे  दिये गये प्रारूप के अनुसार दे l 

No.                                                                                                      Dated:

            Shri Narendra Modi  Ji
            Hon’ble Prime Minister
            Govt. of India
            South Block -New Delhi-110 011
(Through Proper Channel)

Sub:   Reg. Submission of Memorandum.

Ref. : BPEF/ Affiliated Unions/Dharna notice / 2017   Dated: 10 -09 -2017

Respected sir,

            As notified by BPEF and its affiliates a nationwide Dharna held today to protest against anti Mazdoor policies and in favour of its important demands under the direction of scheduled agitational programmes announced by BMS.
A Memorandum along with charter of demands is submitted herewith for your kind perusal and consideration pl.

 (1) Implementation of principal of Equal pay for equal work:- The principal of Equal pay for equal work should be made applicable to all whether they are engaged as daily wages , Casual or contractual Employees who perform the same duties as the regular employees. BMS terms the violation of principal of Equal pay for equal work as exploitative, oppressive and suppressive and considers it against the principal laid down in constitution of India . Hence, BMS demands the minimum wages Rs. 18000/- to all.

 (2)To stop privatization/ Disinvestment of public sector undertakings were rapidly : It wants to tear up the socio- economic structure of our society and economy. It will constrain the young and energetic workforce of India to fall into the trap of unstable private sector. The Govt. did not leave eve Defense Sector which is the most important in present scenario . It is initiating to close down Military farms , Depots ,Army base workshops etc.

(3)Immediate implementation of GDS Committee Report without any change (as it is ) : The GDS Committee headed by Shri Kamlesh Chandra ji has submitted its  report  in November- 2016. After “Amran Anshan “ of Shri Sugandhi Kr. Mishra ji – G.S. Bharatiya GDS union, the committee report has been sent to Ministry of Finance. Every recommendation of GDS Committee was seriously and deeply examined and checked by the Department of Posts as well as Internal Finance of Department as per guidelines of MOF . Due to this reason the file of GDS committee was pending upto 6th Months in the Department.  Now any type of delay in Finance Ministry is not justified . All GDS employees are very eagarly waiting for its implementation.
We demand immediate implementation  of GDS Committee report without any change.

(4)Change the pay Fixation formula i.e. 2.57 recommended by 7th CPC . It was a established pattern from 1st CPC that the CPC calls all the unions / organizations for oral evidence. The Congress Govt. in his last regime announced the formation of 7th CPC and mentioned that only JCM partners will got opportunity of oral evidence by breaking the old established pattern. 7th CPC has not provided any opportunity   to BPEF for oral evidence. 7th CPC has recommended formula 2.57 for hike in pay scales at per advise of National Council (JCM) leaders. We condomn the negative approach of JCM leaders and demands that pay fixation formula should be revised from 2.57 to 3.25 and minimum pay scale should be Rs. 24000/- instead of Rs. 18000/- as demanded by BMS /GENC/BPEF.

(5)Revised Allowances should be again revised and implement it from 1-1-2016 and important allowances like OTA, OSA should be restored:-
It is a matter of great surprise that Govt. has implemented Allowances Committee report from 1-7-2017 . All of us are well aware that there was a great disagreement for allowances when 7th CPC report was published. Due to this reason,  one High Power Committee was constituted . The Committee has taken more than one year for decide it. This High Power Committee has recorded the view of Shri Shiv Gopal Mishra leader National Council (JCM) only and given report on 30-6-2017. When this committee was formed , the employee were very happy but now we can say that “Operation success but patient died”. The Committee has not recommended any change in the matter of Allowances but Shri Shiv Gopal Mishra has welcomed and thanked to High Power Committee. We are not blind  follower of National Council (JCM) so we again condemn the activity of Shri Shiv Gopal MIshra leader National Council (JCM) in hard words and demands the Govt. to implement the Allowances from 1-1-2016 and 10,20 and 30 percent HRA should be implemented as per demand of BMS , GENC and BPEF.

(6) Immediate Implementation of Old Pension Scheme vice NPS.
There was only one difference in between private sector and Govt. sector that the person who works in Govt. Sector , after retirement they were getting Pension. From 1-4-2004 ,  this Old Pension Scheme system was replaced with NPS . Due to this reason , the creamiliar  are going in Private Sector.

Hence we demands that NPS should be removed and Old Pension scheme may be restored immediately.   

            With regards,

                                                                                                            Yours sincerely    

                                                                                                            (                        )
                                                                                                            Divisional Secretary

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