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Tuesday 20 December 2016


ITEM  1 : Withdrawal of all disciplinary proceedings against- DDOs and APM Accounts due to excess drawal of salary to the Postmen on fixation of pay after the fifth Pay Commission---- A Separate Committee will the examining the matter .

ITEM  2 : Grant of Incentive for acquiring fresh higher qualification- reg.---- Action will be taken as par DOP&T O.M. No. 1/2/89-Estt. (Pay-I).
ITEM  3 : Issue of Departmental identity Cards to all staff, including GDS – reg.------- Orders are being issued.  

ITEM  4 : Filling up of Senior Postmaster vacancies with Postmaster Grade-III –reg.-----Seniority list is being finalize their after action will be taken.

ITEM  5 : Hardships to female trainees deputed for in service training to PTC Mysore.—Separate will be created.

ITEM  6 : Grant of Incentive & Commission on PLI Business to working staff par with Agents & field officers-reg.-----Revised incentive structure linked with premium will be issued and then problem will be solved

ITEM  7 : Filling up of Post of Wireman / work Clerk  –reg----- Instruction have been issued.

ITEM  8 : Counting of periods of adhoc officiating / promotion  for increment –reg.------DOP&T No. 19/2/2013-Estt. (Pay-I) dated 12-12-2013 will be retreated.

ITEM  9 : Repatriation of PAs deputed to Circle/  Regional offices from divisions for PLI/RPLI work-reg.------ Letter dated 8-3-2016 will be retreated.  

ITEM  10 : Spot payment of incentive to SPM/ BPM for securing RPLI business. ---Although MOF is rejected but once again Secretary (P) will take-up the matter to MOF in due-course. 

ITEM  11 : Representation of department in the cases field in Consumer Forum and other courts.--- Action will be taken.

ITEM  12 : Duplication of work in branches after their computerization –reg.----Instruction will be issued to avoid duplication.

ITEM  13 : Request for discontinuance the practice of obtaining fidelity / security bond from the employees handling cash. -----Matter will be examined.

ITEM  14 : Providing additional hand to single handed offices due to decentralization and various new works etc. –In due course all single handed offices will be converted into Double handed post offices.

ITEM  15 : Instructions to stop Irregular Rule-37 Transfers :---------- Matter may be represented to the CPMG . If not satisfied matter may be represented with Directorate.

ITEM  16 : Grant of Split Duty Allowance-Clarification requested.------- Action according to letter dated 12-8-2014 may be taken. To remove ceiling of 5 K.M. , MOF will be consulted.  

ITEM  17 : Non-Drawal of HRA to the officiating SPMs working at offices having attached quarters.------ Instructions in respect of Adhoc cases will be issued shortly.  

ITEM  18 : Enhancement of Financial powers of HSG-I, HSG-II & LSG Postmasters.----Financial power HSG-I, HSG-II & LSG-I will be increased reasonably.  

ITEM  19 : Budgetary allotment for Computer Advance. ------There is enough fund in Directorate . Circles may send the requirements.

ITEM  20 : Fixing Norms / Time Factors to Postal Stores Depot, Circle stamp Depot & creation of establishment.---There is written documents for PSDs . That will be retreated for CSDS matter will be examined. 

ITEM  21 : Non implementation of Delhi High Court orders on revision of pay scales of packers , Foreign Post, case of Chennai Foreign Post in Tamilnadu Circle. ---- Letter dated 7-9-2015 contains all the relevant instructions . Specific cases of non implementation may be brought to the notice of Directorate.

ITEM  22 : Non refund of the amount recovered under the New Pension Scheme & Non settlement of dues to the deceased / retired employees under NPS .---- 74 Cases from Different Circles were identified . All the cases will be settle within a month.   
ITEM  23 : Revision of Honorarium to the arrangements less than 14 days in Treasuries in Post office. ---- Matter is under examination.

ITEM  24 : Grant of flight fare to officials working in North-Eastern Region while deputed for training outside NE an also for LTC tour.---- The issue is correct and the problem will be examined and orders will be issued very early.  

ITEM  25 : Ambiguity in the orders granting conveyance allowance to Systems administrators. -----Order dated 17-04-2012 will be examined.  

ITEM  26 : Replacement of outdated computer, Printers, UPS & providing AMCS to Computer Peripheral –case of Tamilnadu Circle .-------The entire matter is ready for procurement . 

ITEM  27 : Maintaining Waiting list of qualified GDS/ MTS for promotion to Postman Cadre. --------- The matter will be examined and order will be issued within a month

ITEM  28 : Case of Sexual Harassment of Women.------ Specific cases may be brought out to the notice of Directorate.

ITEM  29 : Provisioning the facility of mobile to Mail Overseer / Cash Overseers and Postman ;-----More than Rs. 100/- will be provided to all these employees.  

ITEM  30 : To create new additional Postman post and increase at least 20,000 to 25,000 number of postman Posts.--- On line testing method for recruitment is being formulated . The entire exercise will be completed within six months.  

ITEM  31 : Implementation of CGM (MB) Order- Case of all Circles. -----Some Circles have not provided length of Beats within one month decision will be taken.

ITEM  32 : Revision of Eligibility for MTS to (PA-SA) LGO Examination –Reduce 5 years to 2 years.------ Recruitment Rules will be examined.  

ITEM  33 : Adoption of CGHS Rates revised in the year 2014.--- Although the orders have been issued to all Circles . If the any specific case it may be brought to the notice of Directorate.  

ITEM  34 : Departmental promotion of MTS .------ The matter will be examination.
ITEM  35 : Up-gradation of Grade pay to Wireman . ----- Matter will be examination.

ITEM  36 : Grant of Selection Grade Pay to Lift Operators.—Postal Dte. will issue separate order for the purpose.

ITEM  37 : Payment of OTA to the official drawing mere than Rs. 2200/- pre revised scale. ------The case of ceiling of OTA as well as rate is being examined will be DOPD&T & MOF.

ITEM  38 :Polythene bags from RMS offices.------ Specification for each categories of Mails have been obtained by the Committee. Procurement will be done at earliest.

ITEM  39 : Utilization of MNOP Funds.------- Rs. 18 Crores has been obtained by Department . Priority list for expenditure of will be prepared and fund will be exhausted.  

ITEM  40 : Norms for Parcel hubs. --------Work study unit of Department is formulating the norms.

ITEM  41 : Replacement of sealing wax.-----The sealing wax will be replace with  plastic tags although BPEF is not agree with this proposal. 

ITEM  42 : Railway co-ordination committee. ------ Secretary (P) has attended a meeting with Railway Board .  Break vans and SLR coaches in required trains can be obtained in due course .

ITEM  43 : Holiday home at Kanya Kumari has been closed.---CPMG T.N. Circle will be asked to complete the formality.   

ITEM  44 : Extension of facility for the PLI policy holders working in state/ Central / undertaking Govt. directly from their salary. ------For salary deduction all units being consulted.

ITEM  45 : Ensure correct fixation of those  MTS who were granted ACP-I & ACP-II between 01-=01-2006 and 31-08-2008 while fixing up of pay on MACP after 01-09-2008 while fixing up of pay on MACP after 01-09-2008 in the light of Postal Dte’s order 1-20/2008-PCC dated 04-11-2013. --- The letter dated 4-11-2013 will be retreated. Specific cases brought to notice of Directorate.

ITEM  46 : Decision of similarly situated cases once decided by Apex Court to maintain uniformity & liquidity of litigations. ------The matter will be examined.

ITEM  47 : Posting of office bearers on sensitive Posts.—Sensitive Posts in all branches of Posts has been defined. Regarding for posting on sensitive will be retreated.

ITEM  48 : Departmental Buildings for PAOs .------ FRAC for Dehradun PAOs has been completed. 

ITEM  49 : Violation of Business hours in various circles, prescribing their own- request to stop such arbitrary actions.  ---------Instruction for working on normal business hours only has been issued it will be retreated.

ITEM  50 : Amendment to the PA Recruitment Rules –  Regarding Examination will be Regional language some action may be taken in future.  

                                                                                             Secretary General BPEF 

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