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Monday 7 November 2016

                                              Food For Thought.
 Dear friends, Now a days we are watching that most of members of all the unions are very active on social media and always hungry for breaking news about their pay and perks and other benefits’ like promotion, transfer etc .Some are under the impression that these decisions are handled like 20-20 matches and expect leaders to update progress every minute. With the result many rumors, proposals, unconfirmed news and even out dated news are posted in social media. Sometimes messages are forwarded without  even knowing the contents just to take credit for first person to convey flash news. Some unions even  made it habbit of writing regular  letters on all matters without proper assessment of issues and create undue hopes in the mind of ordinary members. They never explain and  introspect the reason for not solving the same problems for decades. But they take all credit whenever govt solve the issues and  blame  Govt if not.  They want a member to be in the state permanent unrest. The Situation is so bad that we are not able to enjoy what we got already and go on postponing happiness in anticipating  further benefits.   Many of my senior colleges of all the  unions are expressing un happiness about this unhealthy new trend and behavior of some members. I think their is a strong need to educate and highlight the members about the processing of problem taken at govt level, stand of govt on the issue, efforts and reason for not resolving the issues during the periods of previous govt, financial implications, Union's sincere efforts etc,so that common member should be able to judge the issue and understand the negotiation process of issues raised.  Further  there is special need to explain the Ideological difference between unions approach as we see only selected few unions join together and form their one JCA by keeping away some section of members  on political and ideological basis. Most of common members don't have knowledge about this hidden  political agenda. This divides unity at lower levels and leads to failure in solving  genuine problems of common interest. Some unions fight more to finish and harm other union and its members then fighting for issues.   Earlier every month Divl Secty and other office bearers used to contact common members regularly for subscription collection and interacting on all issues. Now subscription is recovered in salary. On most cases  members are unknowingly  joining unions on the pressure of local Supervisors or  Head of offices without knowing  ideology and stand on national issues. Even though the basic duty of all unions is welfare of staff, it’s also important to carefully study the stand of Trade unions on issues concerning National Unity, Defence, stand on respecting and promoting Culture and civilization of nation which is one of fundamental pillar of  survival of Nation. supporting  any union which directly or indirectly works  against national interest is to be avoided at all cost even if we get short term benefit from them. Let's have intellectual thinking, debate and feedback on these thoughts. If agreed please circulate and create awareness. Thank you very much .Jai Hind.***********
                                                          (BS Ranganatha)
                                                          AGS BPEA P3

                                                        Camp- Hassan Karnataka.

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  1. I am a simple RMS employee totally agreed with your thoughts.