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Wednesday 28 September 2016

                                   (An All India Industrial Unit of BMS)
                      T-21, Atul Grove Road, New Delhi-110 001

BPEF/ Circular /3/2016                                                                            Dated 8-09-2016
            All the BPEF respected office bearers
            and General Secretaries of affiliates unions, 
                                                                                    “Sadar Namaskar”
            All of you are well aware that the 74th Federal Executive of BPEF held with grand success at T-21, Atul Grove Road, New Delhi . Shri Shivakant Mishra , President, BPEF presided over the meeting . All the office bearers/General Secretaries namely S/ Shri (1) Shivakant Mishra , President (2) Santosh Kumar Singh , Secretary General (3) Manjit Singh, Vice President  (4) Ram Ayodhya Prasad –Vice President (5) B.D. Dadas- Vice President (6) M.S. Baig- Vice President (7) Sandeep Mishra – Secretary Federation (8) K.K. Kar – Org. Secretary (9) Venkat Reddy - Org. Secretary(10) Sunil Jain - Org. Secretary (11) G.K. Dhiman – Treasurer (12) M.S. Chandel- General Secretary BP-III (13) Sanjay Kumar Sinha - General Secretary- Postal Accounts (14) Balram Pandey, President- Civil Wing (15) Sugandhi Kr. Mishra- General Secretary –GDS (16) S.S. Jadhav- General Secretary-BP-IV (17) Anish Mishra - General Secretary-BR-III (18) A.K. Jain - General Secretary –BR-IV (19) Premchand – Office Secretary  except S/Shri Man Mohan Sharma- Working President (2) Smt. Usha Birje –Org. Secretary (3) B.L. Subramanium –Org. Secretary attended the meeting.
            The gracious , presence of Shri Pawan Kumar , Regional Org. Secretary , BMS and is valuable guide line delebruatious  during this 74th Federal Executive Ist my period is really a matter of grate pride for us and hole that we shall be able to deal with problems/ difficulties and challenges by did not of enthusiasm what ever we face in our organization. Shri K.N Sharma, Vice President- BMS and President –GENC also addressed and shared his long organizational experience with us. The meeting started in time sharply . Al the items of Agenda were discussed in a nice manner . The Speech of Shri Sharma ji focused specially on organizational discipline was showing the glory of the meeting.
Important highlights of the meeting 7th CPC:- The recommendations of 7th CPC were widely discussed and decided keeping in the view the negative recommendations to the continue our long agitational programmes even after concluding the proposed Great Dharna held at Janter Manter on 29-8-2016 where in our main demands are as follows –  The raise the minimum pay from 18000 to 24000, To abolition the compulsion of 3 good bench mark, the provision of C.C.L. to ladies employees should be as it as , and to categories HA in 30% for A class cites and 20% for rest of the cities respectively.
Dharna at Jantar Mantar: The Dharna programme of 29-8-2016 was a grand success and historical super ceding all te previous records in all aspects. But due to heavy rain the “Samarop” has been disturb  a little, despite of that all the activists were still present till e end. I have also got the gracious opportunity to address the dharna. 
1.    Bonus (PLB) – under the great pressure of BMS on the day Dharna , residing all the hurdles the Govt. issued order for payment of arrear PLB for the year 2014-15 with enhanced Celling Rs. 7000/- on 29-8-2016.
2.    Minimum Wage: Due to the severe efforts made by BMS the long pending demand to raise the minimum wage for labours of etc. resolved after  14 years and the same has been enhanced from Rs. 246 to  Rs. 350/-  by the present Govt.
3.    Gratuity to NPS Employers :- Considering serious forwards our demands the Govt. issued order for payment of Gratuity to NPS employers as good as employers of Old pension scheme vide its order No. 7/5/2012-P&P(W)(F)/8 dated 26-8-2016 . Thanks to BMS which to sole admirer of Mazdoor/ Employees and persuade to bring all the happiness in their life.
4.    Membership verification of GDS Union: - You are well aware of the fact that as demanded and suggested by BPEF the Postal Directorate has issued the order and started to process of verification of membership GDS Union-2016 adopting new formula, where in only authorization of membership form dully mentioned to with serial number will be distributed by administration through different sources to GDS employees to avoid duplication. This Federation executive has decided to enforce all the possibility whatever required for it and distributed the duties and responsibilities among the office bearers of GDS union along with under mentioned Sr. office bearers of affiliates unions to bear responsibility given to them with sincerely and from heart and soul to make this verification grand success in labour of BEDEU union. All the office bearers of GDS Union are hereby requested to cooperation with their  nominated persons and take care of them during their visit in the units concerned.
(1)        W.B. :- Shri Anant Kr. Pal , Circle Secretary BPEA Gr. C W.B.  Circle Mob. No. 9434172268 and Shri Praduman Pandit , Secretary, BPEA Gr. C Coochbihar Dn.  is here by requested to look after the verification process of GDS as incharge W.B. Circle.
(2)        Bihar : Shri Sanjay Kr. Sinha, General Secretary Postal Accounts-Patna Mob. No. 9934704467, Shri Balram Pandey President- Civil Wing- Mob. No. 9431633993 and Shri Prem Chander Singh , Regional Secretary, BP-IV Sitamarhi – Mob. No. 9430260177 .  is here by requested to look after the verification process of GDS as incharge Bihar  Circle.
(3)        Haryana & Himachal :- Shri Suresh Mehta, Moh. No. 9896449087 and Shri R.K Rahel, BMS, Anaj Mandi AMbala Cantt.-133 001 Mob. No. 9996530514 .  is here by requested to look after the verification process of GDS as incharge Haryana & H.P.  Circle.
(4)         Maharashtra :- Shri V.G. Pendarkar, Ex. President, BP-III Maharashta Circle –Nashik Mob. No. 9423555504, Shri R.N. Navghare – Circle Secretary, BP-III, Maharashtra Circle –Mumbai Mob. No. 9322514494 , Shri Narendra Bandivadekar, Ex. President, BP-III Maharashta Circle- Ratnagiri Mob. No. 8007168507 and Shri Sakeel Shaikh, Divisional Secretary , BP-III, Aurangabad Head office .  is here by requested to look after the verification process of GDS as incharge Maharashtra   Circle.
(5)        Gujarat Circle: A.S. Jogal , Ahmedabad Mob. No. 9998089626 and Shri Ashok Sah, Ex. Circle Secretary, BEDEU Guj. Circle Vadodara West –Mob. No. 7359161101 .  is here by requested to look after the verification process of GDS as incharge Guj   Circle.
(6)        Punjab: Shri Manjit Singh Vice President, BPEF Amritsar- Mob. No. 9915255526, Shri Mohinder Singh, President, BP-III Punjab Circle SPM, Sangrur Mob. No. 9417244204 and Shri Nishimani , Divil. Secretary, BP-III Ludhiana City Mob. No. 8872227111 .  is here by requested to look after the verification process of GDS as incharge Punjab    Circle.
(7)        U.P. Circle: Shri B.P. Yadav, Ex. Gen. Secy. BP-III- Sitapur Mob. No. 9415567763, Shri Swaraj Singh RMS Mob. No. 8423002223 and Shri Vikram Singh D/S BP-III Allahabad Mob. No. 9455859958, Shri Magan Singh Ex. Circle Secy, BP-III, U.P. Circle Mob. No. 9411666952 .  is here by requested to look after the verification process of GDS as incharge U.P.   Circle.
(8)         M.P. & Chhatisgarh Circle: Shri M.S. Chandel, General Secy, BP-III Mob. No. 9826842311 and Shri Sunil Jain, Org. Secy, BPEF Mob. No. 9827280823 .  is here by requested to look after the verification process of GDS as incharge M.P. & Chhatisgarh   Circle.
(9)         A.P. & Telengana Circle: Mohd. Zaffrulahkhan –Ex. General Secretary, BP-IV  Hyderabad Mob. No. 9849793602 and M.S. Baig, Vice President, BPEF, Hyderabad- Mob. No. 9440097188 .  is here by requested to look after the verification process of GDS as incharge A..P. & Telengana Circle.
(10)    Tamil Nadu : Shri Dakchhina Murti –Ex. Circle Secretary GDS T.N. Circle Trichy is here by requested to look after the verification process of GDS as incharge T.N. Circle. Mob. No. 9443989378 
(11)    Kerala Circle : Shri C.M. Pillai- President , BPAOEA (CHQ) is here by requested to look after the verification process of GDS as incharge Kerala  Circle. Mob. No. 9446359212.
(12)    Karnataa Circle : Shri Sunder Raj, Circle Secretary, BPEA Gr. C Bangalore Mob. No. 09448151340 & B.S. Ranganatha , Circle President, BPEA Gr. C Hassan, Karnataka Circle,  Mob. No. 09448494570 . is here by requested to look after the verification process of GDS as incharge Karnataka   Circle
(13)    Assam Circle :  Shri Tapan Kumar Singh , Circle Secretary BPEA Gr. C Assam Circle is here by requested to look after the verification process of GDS as in-charge Assam Circle. Mob. No.09854014082
(14)    Orissa Circle: Shri R.K Mohapatra Circle Secretary, BPEA Gr. C. Odisha Circle Mob. No. 09238578255 & Shri K.K. Kar Org. Secretary BPEF Mob. No. 09861446467 is here by requested to look after the verification process of GDS as in-charge Odisha  Circle.
(15)    Jharkhand Circle: Shri S.D. Tiwary, Circle Secy, BP-III , Shri Binod Kumar Yadav , President, BP-III Jharkhand Circle and Shri Jai Ram Mishra, Secretary, BP-III Girdih Dn. SPM, Pirtad Girdih is here by requested to look after the verification process of GDS as incharge Jharkhand   Circle.
(16)    Raj. Circle: Shri Shyam Lal Malhotra, Circle Secy, BP-III Bhilwara Mob. No. 9352110106 and Shri Sushil Kr. Gupta, Circle Secy, BP-IV Jaipur Mob. No. 9829321545 is here by requested to look after the verification process of GDS as incharge Raj.  Circle.
5.     Vishwakarma Senket : Friend , you all know that the most useful famous and prestigious Magazine among labourers/ Mazdoor/ Employees worth Rs. 100/- only yearly. All the union news , photos of programmes along with suggestion of unions having taken place in Vishwakarma Sanket properly.  

  As such all the office bearers/ members related with BPEF are here by requested to subscribe for this magazine on regular basis by funding Rs. 100/- to Central office- BMS- Dattopant Thengadi Bhawan, 27, Deendayal Upadhayay Marg, New Delhi -110 002.

Note: Kindly send he photos from Camera only because photos from mobile shall not be printed due to technical reasons. 
6.    All India Ratha Yatra of BPEF: It has been decided unanimously in the Federal Executive that an All India Ratha Yatra of BPEF alongwith its office bearers and General Secretaries of affiliates will take off from Jammu to make Public awareness programme for wide publicity of achievements and present activity of BMS/GENC/ BPEF towards betterment of society Mazdoors / Employees etc. The willing activities are co-cordially invited and send their name to participate in the said Ratha Yatra.
7.    Vishwakarma Jayanti  Our labours Day :- In the 161st Central Working Committee meeting of BMS it has been decided to clebrte Vishwakarma Jayanti ( our labour day) on 17th September this year at a large scale with dedication and Ilogy by al e units under the guidance of State/ District BMS . Detail instructions is enclosed herewith .
8.    Coordination: You all are well aware of the fact that our unions are dully affiliated  with BMS . Accordingly every members of staff unions become the member of BMS firstly . As we are the employees of Postal Department so as activist of BMS we would have an office bearers of affiliated unions. As such it is our sole responsibility to keep ourselves in regular touch of office bearers of BMS at every stage otherwise your  Secretary General will have to be insurable to BMS .
9.    60th  Anniversary of BMS :- Friends all of you are well aware that on the eve of 6th Anniversary of BMS, there have been  set an aim target for collection of Rs. 60 crores so, it is here by requested to every members of BPEF to donate reasonable amount as per their willingness which should not be less than Rs. 1000/- please contact with General Secretary concern for this
10. 40th Anniversary of BPEF :  This Federal Executive has decided unanimously to donate one time donation for Rs. 1000/- by every individuals of at time or, in instilments as per their convenient to strengthen the fud of BPEF which has its target to collect at least Rs. 40 Lakhs on this eve. 
11. Study Class: It is well under stood that the BMS is the factory to prepare a well-mannered , disciplines and Nationalist activist. Accordingly this Federation Executive has decided to arrange a wider study class of its office bearers along with it officials. In this connection a study class of BPEF consisting of its office bearers and General Secretaries / Presidents of affiliates unions is scheduled to be held at M.P. Club Delhi in the month of December, 2016 . Then after it will be extended to Circle level. All the Circle Secretaries requested  to send their proposal in this regards positively. 
12. Reschedule to appoint State convener of BPEF : All the General Secretary ad Circle Secretaries here by requested to suggest one name from their Circles upto 31-10-2016 which should be suitably fix for every situation. Any name suggested after 31-10-2016 will not be considered in any case.
13. Special invitees in Federal Executive of BPEF :  It has been decided unanimously in this Federal Executive that the following retired / Working officials related with BPEF and its affiliates are hereby included as a special invitees member in Federal Executive . All he Circle Secretaries are here by instructed to bear this expenses collectively while attending the Federal Executive as and when conducted.      
              List of Special invitees :
(i)                    Shri Vidyadhar Pathak Ex. Secretary General BPEF and Ex. General Secretary – Postal Accounts
(ii)                  Shri V.G. Pendharkar, Ex. President , BP-III Mah. Circle
(iii)                 Mohd. Zaffrullah Khan , Ex. General Secretary, BPEA Postman & MTS
(iv)                 Smt. Prabhaben Chavda, President , BPEA Gr. C
(v)                  Shri B.P. Yadav, Ex. General Secy, BPEA Gr. C
(vi)                 Shri G. Silvaraj , Ex. Circle Secretary , BP-III T.N. Circle
(vii)                Shri C.P. Kanujia , Ex. Circle Secretary, BRMS-III U.P. Circle.
(viii)              Shri R.Narayan Swamy, Ex. Circle Secy. BR-III T.N. Circle
(ix)                 Shri Balram Pandey, President, BP Civil Wing
(x)                  Shri R.N. Navghare, Circle Secretary, BP-III Maharashta Circle
(xi)                 Shri Shyam Lal Malhota, Circle Secretary, BP-III Raj. Circle.
Note: The said invitees shall take part in all the business transited by BPEF.
14. Diary of BPEF: - It has been decided unanimously to submit the Names/Addresses / Mob. No. along with responsibilities in Unions of all the office bearers of BPEF/ CHQ/ Circles/ Divisions/ Branches by 31st December , 2016 to the Office Secretary, BPEF. The heads of the unions will ensue the submission of the said details so that one the eve of new year’s 2017 the Diary of BPEF should be published so, book and send your order for BPEF Diary 2017 to Shri Prem Chand Ji well in advance .
Note: Please note it that every individuals should have the Diary of BMS 2017 as well as the Diary of BPEF 2017 . Both of the Diary should not be differentiated at any level. So BMS has its priority on this score. 
15. Audit of Accounts of affiliates Unions:- Hon’ble Treasurer of BMS has instructed us to have a audit of Accounts of CHQ of all the affiliates . As such it is here requested to all concerned to prepare accounts as per slandered norms of BMS with  consultation of Shri Prem Chand ji office Secretary , BPEF . Please note it that at any time your accounts may be audited by Hon’ble Treasurer BMS.
16. C.W.C. Meetings: C.W.C. of Unions should meet once in a period of six month. The unions which have not conducted their C.W.C. would notify it under the intimation of BPEF.
17. So Called strike of leftists on 2nd September, 2016 – a flop show :- The so called strike of 2nd September, 2016 became a flop show as the public as well as employees have not paid attention towards this strike. The awareness of BPEF and its affiliates unions is from very beginning as and when the other Federation have notify so called strike several times and became failed. After 2nd September, 2016 the other Federations are not in a portions to take any Circle of the So called strike, they are wondering even to save their face.
18. India Post Payments Bank : It has been learnt to this Federation that IPPB will came into force till March, 2017 . We have our demands that posts all employees would have been engaged in the coork of IPPB But it has been until that outsiders will be engaged for this which is not acceptable to us. BPEF has lodged its strong protest in this regards.
19. Bonus to GDS Employees: The order of arrear payment of PLB for the year 2014-15 issued under the pressure of BMS on 29-8-2016 but inadvertently our   GDS employees could not get the arrear payment of Bonus due to some negative attitude / activities of rival Federations/ Unions . It is BPEF which pressurized the Department which reached it to GDS Committee and the Committee  has recommended the same positively DOP has sent the proposal for arrear payment of Bonus to MOF 3-9-2016 accordingly and assured for payment of arrear Bonus very shortly . Hon’ble Labour Minister has also assured us in this regards.
20. 8th Federal Executive of BPEF: It has been decided to conduct the 80th Federal Executive on 19th to 20th February 2017 at Gaya (Bihar) The intimate and last puja from Buddhist Dharma Guru Dalai Lama will be done on this day. Details information will follow.
                    “Ones  again Vijyadasmi and Dipaval ki Shubkamnaye  “
                                                                                                            Yours brotherly,

                                                                                                                           ( S.K. Singh )
                                                                                                            Secretary General 


  1. Sir,
    Please immediately post an English Version of this post as we the officials from KERALA, TAMILNADU, KARNATAKA will not be in a position to read and understand such a lengthy notice.

    This has to be done on a war foot basis.

    Laxity may lead to confusions and lesser number of our GDS Staff

    Kindly treat the matter very serious.

    N. Harikumar
    Asst: Circle Secretary
    BPEA Group 'C'
    Kerala Circle.

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  3. East and west this Union is best