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Tuesday 18 August 2015


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BPAOEA/Meeting Agenda/208/2015                                                       Dated: 21-07-2015

            The D.D.G. (PAF)
            Department of Posts,
            Dak Bhawan, New Delhi-1

Sub:    Items of Agenda for discussion and early rederessal – regarding.

Respected Sir,
The following items of agenda (new and old) are being submitted to be discussed in the ensuing meeting with you.
ITEM NO. 1 Protest against decentralization of PAOs.

It has been brought to the notice of this Association that there was been proposal of decentralization of PAOs in the Department of Posts .

            This Association has lodged strong protest vide its letter dated 16-7-2015 and 20-7-2015 addressed to Hon’ble Secretary and DDG (PAF) respectively in which we have mentioned our views that it is not advisable to place accounts side ( internal checker / pre checker together with that of operational side and the instructions and morale provided by MOF to all departmentalized accounts set up for not participating in routine work of operation and for achieving financial control only through micro level analysis of data for the sake of financial management as well as Department too. It requires a huge man power which has been kept in corner and thus it is quite irregular.

            As such it is urged upon you to look into the matter personally and consider the views of this Association to that such proposal of Decentralization of PAOs should be dropped immediately.

ITEM NO. 2.:  Promotion in SA/JA/LDC cadre in PAO in due time.

            It has been noticed that in some of the PAOs the administration is not vigorous towards promotional benefits of employees, thus the officials are not getting promotion/ adhoc promotion in different cadre on time which creates resettlement among staff members.

            As such it is urged upon you to cause issuance of necessary instruction to all the PAOs to ensure the promotion in different cadre as follows.

(i)            Promotion in different cadre should be made under D.E. Quota from day following the day of result published positively on the availability of vacancies.
(ii)           Adhoc promotion in S.A. cadre should be made just after completion of three Years of service in JA cadre on availability of vacancies in S.A. cadre.  

ITEM NO. 3.: Non forwarding of application for Deputation and transfer under Rule-38.

            It has been noticed that despite of fulfill the required conditions for transfer under Rule-38 and regarding deputation to Postal Dte. etc. , the GM (F)/ DAP in PAOs are not being forwarded the request applications which creates resentment amongst staff members , particularly in  N.E. Circle Shilong where it is very difficult to get accommodation and it is not possible to live at shilong for a long time.

            As such it is urged upon you to look into the matter personally and issue necessary instruction in the matter so that such application  should be forwarded and special previlage should be provided under Rule-38 transfer to the staff recruited under DR quota and posted at N.E. Circle shilong shame as to the policy adopted for the transfer of staff in public interest  at  N.E. Circle shilong .

            Thus after two years of service rendered at N.E. Circle the staff should be transferred from N.E. Circle to the choice station of PAOs.

ITEM NO. 4. : Problems arrised in PAOs.

(a)  PAO Lucknow: Grant of four advance increment to Direct recruit UDC passing the confirmatory Exam. and DE from LDC to JA  in between 1-1-1973 to 31-5-1981.

Despite issuance of necessary order and clarification there on by Postal Directorate, no action has  since has been  taken by DAP , Lucknow administration to comply the order of Postal Dte. which creates great resentment among staff members.

(b)  PAO shilong: Allotment of quarter to the staff of PAO shilong : The BPAOEA shilong has requested to the CPMG N.E. Circle to allot the vacant quarters under Circle and Divisional transferable pool to the staff of PAOs ( non transferable pool ) because most of the staff in PAO shilong belongs to others states and due to accommodation problem it is very difficult to leave in shilong.  But no action has since been taken in the matter.
(c)  PAO Kolkata: It has been noticed that BPAOEA W.B. Circle has lodged its protest regarding step brotherly treatment towards the members of BPAOEA before the competent authorities several times but in vein . The staff members are agitated very much due to autocratic functioning  of the administration particularly during membership verification process these days. 
(d)  PAO Bhopal: Deployment of unwilling staff from PAO Bhopal to newly formed PAO Chhattisgarh – It has been intimated by BPAOEA M.P. Circle that unwilling staff  are to be deployed forcibly  to PAO Chhattisgarh which is quite irregular.

It is also to be added that lift provided for %G.M. Finance PAO Kolkata & % DAP Bhopal are not functioning at all . It becomes very old and be needed to replace by new one but the Circle administration as well as PAO administration is not vigorous in the matter which create a lots of problems to the staff.   
As such it is urged upon you that the problems arrised at the said PAOs may kindly be redressed at the earliest.

Old unsettled. Items.

1.    Implementation of judgement of Hon.CAT Patna in OA./50/440/2014&MA/50/94/2015 on 11/05/2015 in favour of BPAOEA in stepping up of pay with direction to extend the similar benefits of the order passed in OA/2124/2011 by Hon. Principal CAT bench Delhi.
2.    Overlooking of   carrier prospect of Postal Accounts employees – The department adopted irregular process to call for the deputanists in AAO cadre from other Department / Ministries and their permanent absorption in the DOP/DOT.

This Association lodge its strong protest against such arbitrary action of Department. 
3.    Approval of new RR of AAO cadre
4.    Pay protection to the officials of PAOs transferred under Rule-38 as par provisions and rules.
5.    Regularization of financial grant under ACP in case of Gr. D where scales have been merged after the recommendation of 6th CPC.
6.    Cadre restructuring of  (i) LDC granting grade pay of Rs. 2400/- (ii) Senior Accountant granting of grade pay to Rs. 4600/- (iii) Merger of J.A. cadre with S.A. cadre .
7.    MACP in cadre hierarchy
8.    Preparation of combined gradation list of feeding cadre (Sr. Accountant) for promotion to AAO cadre under SCF quota of both DOP and DOT Accounts.   

It is therefore requested kindly to intimate the date and time for the ensuing meeting at the earliest.
           (Sanjay Kr. Sinha)
                                                                                                General Secretary

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