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Tuesday, 3 December 2013

                            T-21, ATUL GROVE ROAD , NEW DELHI-110 001

BPEF / Dharna-17 December/2013                                                         Dated: 02-12-2013

            The Secretary (Posts)
            Department of Posts,
            Dak Bhawan, New Delhi-110 001

Respected Madam,

            In view of inertness shown to our letter dated 24-12-2012 & strike notice No. BPEF/Strike /2013 dated 29-01-2013 and non compliance of advisory dated 13-02-2013 issued by Department of posts, so that the Postal Services are not hampered and public is not put to any avoidable inconvenience,   we hereby notify that all the unions affiliated to BPEF will hold a day long Dharna at Dak Bhawan on 17-12-2013 and extend its fullest support to call for march to Parliament on 18-12-2013 of Govt. Employees National Confederation New Delhi.

By way of not showing my concern to Industrial Harmony as suggested by DOP&T vide F. No.   2/4/2011-JCA dated 28-11-2011 despite active approach towards it by unions as mentioned above, the Deptt. is  knowingly  preparing to place obstacle  in the path of Departmental progress & settlement of wages and other concern of employees.                                   
                                                                                                                Yours sincerely,

 (Md. Zafarullah Khan)                        (T.C. Tanwar)                         (S. K. Mishra )
General Secretary                         Acting General Secretary           Secretary General
BPEA Postman & MTS                    BPEA Gr. ‘C’                                BPEF

(Anish Mishra)                                       ( D.K. Tiwari )                             ( Sanjay Kr. Sinha)   General Secretary                               General Secretary                            General Secretary
BRMS Class-III                                      BRMS Class-IV                                  BPAOEA                       

(Sugandhi Kr. Mishra)                   (Baliram Pandey)            (Rakesh Ch. Shrivastava )
General Secretary                            General Secretary                      General Secretary
       BEDEU                                           BP Civil Wing                                  BPAOEU

Encl. The Charter of Demands.
                                                      CHARTER OF DEMANDS

Item No. 1:
(a)  We demand due respect and Importance to DOP&T guideline issued on 28-11-2011 for extending informal meeting and other facilities to BPEF and its affiliated unrecognized unions to maintain Industrial Harmony, therefore suitable order in this regard may be issued.
(b)  Since the result of re-verification announced in September, 2010, the Departmental JCM may be reconstituted and nomination from each recognized union may be called for. 
(c)  The Departmental view appearing in No. 08/03/09-SR(Pt.) dated 21-07-09 signed Director (SR & Legal)  that BMS has political lineage may be taken back as this  is illegal and comments in this regard were  made without consulting DOP&T.

Item No. 2 :
(1)  We demand 30% seniority cum-fitness promotion quota  in every cadre of  Postal & RMS wing of Department as the Departmental Exams. were the only method for  career advancement and it  do not constitute promotional Hierarchy for an employees.  
(2)  Our suggestion for  restructuring of Gr. ‘C’ cadre may be included as below :

(a)  The promotional hierarchy of MTS cadre should be made up to  Rs. 4200/- G.P.
(b)  The promotional hierarchy for  Mailguard /Postman  cadre should be made up to  Rs. 4800/- G.P.
(c)  The promotional hierarchy of PA/SA cadre should be made up to  Rs. 5400/- G.P.
(d)  The promotional hierarchy of Postmaster cadre should be made up to Rs. 6600/- G.P.
(e)  Equivalent to Postmaster cadre, the cadre is R.M.S. wing may also be created.
(f)    The revised TBOP scale of MTS cadre be Rs. enhanced from Rs.  1900 to 2000.
(g)  The period of RTP services may be counted for all purposes .

Item No. 3:
The orders of TBOP/BCR to erstwhile Gr. ‘D’ now MTS dated 6-9-2010 & 18-07-2011 were not in conformity with 6th CPC recommendation or DOP&T guidelines dealing pay regulation as on 1-1-06 and as on 1-9-08 for merged pre-revised scales.  

            These order were withdrawn after lapse of more than 2 years vide order dated 4-11-13 but it terms were not made clear in following ways.

(i)            The MACPS benefits on 1-9-08 are to be provided as per Deptt. of post clarification No. 4-7/MACPS/2009-PCC dated 11-1-2013 but there is no mention of it in the letter. Therefore  Para 2 (a) and para 2(b) of letter may  be amended accordingly.
(ii)           The ACP benefit as on 1-1-06 may be provided for merged pre-revised scales  as per clarification in (I) of DOP&T order dated 10-2-2000 and also an sprits of clarification No. 27 of  FAQ issued vide OM No. 35034/3/2008-Estt.(D) on 1-4-11. The order has no mention of these  communication.  Therefore para 2 (b) may  be amended accordingly.
(iii)          The  para 3 of letter dated 4-11-2013 that the  case  of retired/ died on or after 1-1-06 but before 1-9-2008 may  not be  opened may be taken backend all the recovered amount due to  order dated 6-9-2010 & 18-07-2011may be paid with interest and the officer issuing above orders may be replaced and necessary disciplinary action for misusing administrative power may be initiated.

Item No. 4:
Since 4th CPC,  FR-22-C and its subsequent replacement were applicable to all Govt. employees promoted to another post caring higher  duties and responsibility of greater  importance than those attached to the post held by him.  These orders were also  reiterated in 6th CPC.

            Thus,  3% benefit on promotion to  post carrying  higher responsibility may be extended to all promotions  irrespective   of MACP provisions.  

Item No. 5:
(a)  As per clarification No. 3 dated 18-10-2010  the eligibility date of 2nd MACPS for  promote PA is 10 years from 1st Promotion  or MACPS and this date has been  detached from date of actual benefit of 2nd MACPS.    

The units,  in cases where promottee PA has been conferred  with TBOP up-gradation , eligibility date  of 2nd MACPS i.e. 10 years after Ist promotion  is being denied and is being linked up with date  of grant of Actual benefit of 2nd MACP i.e. TBOP . This is disturbing date of eligibility of 3rd MACPS.

Thus we demand that sprit of clarification No. 3 dated 18-10-10 may not be diluted   and eligibility date of 2nd MACP as well as 3rd MACPS may be correctly reckoned.

(b)  Since BCR Scheme has been withdrawn  from 1-9-08 , therefore the last DPC due on 1-1-09 may be convened on 31-08-2008 itself and benefit of BCR to those completing 26 years of service in July & Aug. 2008 may be provided .
(c)  Group ‘D’ employees as and when  become eligible for Postman / Mailguard as well as PA/SA cadre,  take up the exam. simultaneously  scheduled in same calendar year. On clearing the PM/MG Exam. first  they join it and later on join PA/SA when they become successful  in it also.  Certainly the shifting    from PM/MG to PA/SA is not a promotional as the employee has not  fulfilled the terms  and condition for taking up PM/ MG to PA/SA Exam.

But while conferring   MACP benefit this shifting from PM/MG to PA/SA post is  being considered as promotion , thus denying due benefit of MACP . Clarification in this regard may please be issued.
(d)  The Postmaster cadre has been carved out form PA cadre. But the units are considering the placement in postmaster cadre by examination from PA cadre as a promotion in separate cadre and are counting it  a promotion to deny MACPS benefit .Clarification in this regard may please be issued.

Item No. 6 :
Revision of wages of casual & Part time workers as per 6th CPC recommendations may be issued at earliest as promised over representation of BPEF submitted during Sports & Welfare meeting dated 5-6-2012.

Item No. 7:
(a)  The necessity of 50 merit points for compassionate appointment in GDS cadre  may be removed and 100% appointment may be ensured in it.
(b)  The ceiling to fill up 5% vacancies only through compassionate appointment may be removed and 100% appointment on compassionate basis may be ensured for the dependents of deceased  regular employees.

Item No. 8:
The services of employees of Department  of Post specially RMS wing are urgent in  nature,  which in any circumstance cannot be avoided. Therefore,  the concerned employee has to continue for full duty  hour next day on over time basis . Therefore we demand that emoluments of 1 day may be provided to RMS employee as over time.

Item No. 9:
(a)  Duty of 7.30 hours may be ensured to every GDS.
(b)  Point system to access B.O. may be made practical and the workload of MANRAGA and others schemes may be included .  Assessment of TRCA may be made after change.
(c)  Combined duty allowance may be provided as per rules framed. 

Item No. 10:
RR of HSG-I posts and AAO posts may be expedited.

Item No. 11:
(a)  The restructuring of Junior Accountant done on 1-4-87  may be withdrawn  and all employees may be placed in merged Grade pay of Rs. 4600/- with designation Higher Grade Accountant.
(b)  Promotion Quota for AAO post from SA cadre may be made 30%.

Item No. 12:
(a)  Closed RMS sorting offices may be revived.
(b)  Hub centre system may be taken back.
(c)  In view of Heavy and bigger article under Logistic Post, EEP and other business activities being sent through RMS section,  these article should be carried through  Mail Van.
(d)  Norms for Speed post centers  may  be reviewed and incentives may be provided for SPCC work at RMS offices as done in Postal Offices.

Item No. 13:
Workload of entire Postal employees may be reviewed with involvement of union representative.

Item No. 14 :
(a)  Special Allowances to System Administrator may be provided. The TA/DA for urgent movement may be provided equal to that of Inspector of Post Offices.
(b)  Recoveries for minus balance in SB Accounts of consumer are being made from salary of concerned employee without comparing the entries from pass book of consumer. Necessary instruction may be issued to inquire entire matter in comparison with entries in pass book and then recovery of the lapses can be made.  

Item No. 15:
(a)  Pay anomaly in Wireman  cadre,  represented to Department  several times,  may be removed.
(b)  Restructuring in entire Civil wing cadre may be made at par with CPWD.
(c)  The Grade pay of Lift operator of  Civil wing as well as Postal wing may be made  Rs. 2000/- at par with those of CPWD . The selection grade in this cadre after 8 years may also be provided.

Item No. 16:
(a)  Despite clear cut instructions from Directorate to hold D.P.C. of APM Accounts for promotion into LSG, HSG-II and HSG-I posts, various Circles like M.P. Circle are not holding the D.P.C. However A.P. and Orissa Circle have promoted them notionally. It is requested that necessary instructions may be issued to M.P. and others Circles to hold D.P.C. within a month.
(b)  As par department letter No. 137-10/96-SPB-II dated 28-01-2013 APM Accounts LSG norms based post should be filed strictly by Qualified Accountant not with General line. This clarification is not being followed in several Circles. It is demanded that instruction to follow the clarification may be issued.
(c)  We demand that para 7 of communication No. 4-17/2008/SPB-II dated 10-2-2011 may be abolished and other for allowing APM Accounts to be inducted in Postmaster Grade –I may be issued.

Item No. 17:
The condition mentioned in F.No. 2-19/2011-PAP dated 10-01-2013 to reckon the special pay as part of basic pay for purpose of pay fixation of PO & RMS Accountant promoted before 22-4-1998 may be withdrawn and the order may be implemented for every PO & RMS Accountant. 

Item No. 18

            GDS of Postal Department may be brought into the preview of 7th CPC.    

                                                                                                S.K. Mishra
                                                                                           Secretary General


1.     Merge 50% D.A. with basic pay from January, 2011 and all benefits may be extended accordingly.
2.    Constitute 7th CPC at earliest.
3.    Scrape contract labour system and regularizes all contract labour as Govt. servant.
4.    Regularize all GDS workers of Postal Department.
5.    Minimum benefit of 5 Lakh may be provided under CGEIS scheme.
6.    Defined contributory pension scheme may be converted into defined pension scheme 1972 as was being done previously.
7.    Make Railway, Defence and other Govt. Department free of FDI.
8.    Increase GPF interest rates.
9.    Provide MACPS benefit in cadre hierarchy.
10. 1st January and 1st July may be made to parallel dates for annual increment so that every employee can get annual increment after  12 month.
11. Cadre review in all Gr. ‘C’ cadre of Central and State Govt. may be under taken and cadre restructuring orders may be issued.
12. Upgrade Gr. ‘C’ Grade pay of 1900 and 2000 into Rs. 2400 by merging them. Similarly Grade pay Rs. 2400 may be upgraded to 2800.
13. Age of superannuation, pay and allowances of State Govt. employees may be made equal to Central Govt. employees.
14. All vacant post of Central as well as State Govt. Department may be filled up  at earliest.
15. Remove ceiling for Bonus payment.
16. The Gratuity payment on the basis of  15 days per year may be replaced  by 30 days per year and 33 years  ceiling for retirement may be removed.
17.  Interim Relief of 7000/- may be provided to all.
18. Three promotions in 15 years service may be ensured.
19. Entry pay for Direct recruits and promottee  may be made equal .
20. GDS of Postal Department may be brought into the preview of 7th CPC.     

S.K. Mishra
                                                                                           Secretary General

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