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Monday 15 July 2013

                                                     (An All India Industrial Unit of B.M.S.)
                                     T-21, Atul Grove Road, New Delhi-110 001
BPEF/Circular/2013                                                                                         Dated: 12-07-2013
All office bearers of BPEF
All General Secretaries of affiliated Union.  
All the Circle Secretaries through General Secretaries

                                                “ SADAR NAMASKAR

Dear Brothers/ Sisters,
            As was decided in New Delhi Federal Executive meeting on 15th  & 16th  December, 2012, the Federal Executive meeting was held  on 22nd & 23rd June, 2013 at Panchmarhi (M.P.) under Presidentship Shri Manmohan Sharma , President, BPEF . It was convened under guidance and in presence of Shri B.K. Rai ji, Vice President , BMS and PRABHARI Industrial units of BMS.  Other Participants  were S/Shri S.K. Mishra, Secretary General BPEF, S.B.P. Khuswanshi, Treasurer, BPEF, R.N. Navghare, Santosh Kumar Singh & M.S. Chandel ,  Org. Secretaries of  BPEF,   Irshad A.  Sheikh,General Secretary , BPEA Gr. ‘C’ , Md. Zafraullah Khan , Gen. Secy. BPEA Postman & MTS,  Anish Mishra Gen. Secretary BRMS-III, Sh. D. K. Tiwari, Gen. Secretary BRMS-IV, Dhani Ram, All India President, BPCWNGEU, Sanjay  Kumar Sinha, Gen. Secretary BPAOEA, Sugandhi Kr. Mishra, General Secretary, BEDEU, Premchand, office Secretary, BPEF,    V.S. Harmale, Dy. General Secretary, Admn. Union, V.D. Muley, Maharashtra  Circle Secretary, BPEA Gr. ‘C’, V.G. Pendharkar,  Maharashtra Circle President, BPEA Gr. ‘C’, S.S. Jadhav, Maharashtra Circle Secretary, BPEA Postman & MTS & P.S. Kadam, Circle Secretary, Foreign Post.      

            In the meeting several issues were discussed in three sessions of four hours each. In the reporting session every General secretaries have reported about the membership drive, election programme of Circles and schedules   of their due  All India Conference. In the Circles like Punjab , U.P. Karnataka, Kerala , Rajasthan and Jharkhand,  the Circle conferences of  BP-III, BP-IV and GDS were convened successfully. The M.P. & Orissa Circle has convened R-III and R-IV Circle conferences . The Haryana & Bihar Circle have convened BPAOEA Circle Conference. The All India Conference of Administrative union and GDS Union was convened successfully. It can be  concluded that almost all circles have updated their  conferences and now it is the turn of Circles to convene their Divisional Conference  in time.
Regarding opening of New Divisions, it has been informed that two options are available. First one is to make authorized office bearer in that Division to submit the forms in the month of April or during re-verification process. The 2nd one is to form adhoc body and then convene regular election within three month of time. As regard to Divisions in which we could not form a Divisional Secretary or authorized office bearer,  the General Secretary or  Circle Secretary  can submit the attested membership forms to the Divisional heads/ Regional Heads/ Circle Heads.

            It has also been reported that the All India Conference of BP-III, BR-III & BR-IV will be completed upto December, 2013. Positively.

            The Secretary General has reported all the events, the “PRAVASH” and the conferences attended by him during the period October 2012 to June, 2013. A Strike notice was also served on 29-01-2013. The department has issued advisory to postpone the programme and informed that informal meeting will be arranged in March, 2013. The Strike was postpone on this communication. In the meeting it has been decided to choose appropriate time to give the notice for Dharna do not Pradarshan or Strike in the event of Department not giving any informal meeting or look over the issues urgently. The DDG (Estt.) has informed that the meeting will be arranged shortly in the last week of the July.  

I am sorry to disclose that General Secretaries have reported about membership drive in vague manner without any proof of it. This tradition has become a custom of BPEF affiliated unions to act casually over the important and strategic issues. For these reasons they took no cognizance of the decisions taken in such type high level meetings.  The decisions taken at Hyderabad meeting, New Delhi Meetings have not been conveyed to lower office bearers even through circulars. For these reasons the pity financial and Organisational situation of BPEF  arises. Reporting without any proof and without any real action is deplorable on the ground that lot of expenditure becomes waisted. The Bharatiya unions become element of mockery at the eyes of others who read these circulars.

The Treasurer report placed in the meeting very well depicts the story of reluctance and irresponsibility from the part of unions as they are  getting  membership subscription by way of salary deduction . It is sorry to state that we are  not able to pay even petty  Honoruium and licnece fee of about two thousand per month.  Water & Elect bill of Rs. 3500/- per month and News paper telephone bill of about two thousand per month . Having no option left to the Federation it has decided to impose levy over the unions as below so that expenditure to be incurred up to October, 2013 may be met.

 GDS Union – 20000/-, BP-III, 20000/- , BP-IV, 8000/-, BR-III, 4000/- BR-IV, 3000/- BPAOEA Rs. 4000/- BP Civil Wing Rs. 1000/- Administrative Union 1000/- of Rs. 60000/-This levy must be paid before Federal Council so that the Federation could not feel  pity in meeting out expenses.  

            Matter of Election dispute in Kerala Circle BP-IV union has been reported by convenor Kerala circle Shri C.M. Pillai the same has been handed over to General Secretary, BP-IV for resolving the issue amicably. It has been advised that in all matters of election dispute,  the decision of BPEF will be final.

            In the last Shri B.K. Rai, Vice present Central BMS and Prabhari Industrial units have taken note of all the discussions and told that the unions are not hospitals were every ill comes and later on goes away when treatment is over. It is a family and a developed  system having well defined constitution and ethics to follow exists. He advised that as per the BMS directions , The Federation ,  the All India Union and   the Circle  unions must have core group to decide the issues . For the All India Unions President , Secretary, Org. Secretary , Secretary General & Treasurer will form the core group. Similarly for Circle unions President , Secretary, Treasurer, AGS of All India Union and convener of BPEF will form the core group. At the Federation level  President/ Working President,  Secretary General, Treasurer, Org. Secretary, and Prabhari industrial unit of BMS will form the Core group. This core group must report to the Higher level for the activities about the Organizational and Agitational programmes. In the case of laxity from the part of All India Unions, Circle Unions are Divisional Unions the action will be taken by the core groups accordingly. It is to be taken in mind that as per the constitution of unions the General Secretary of the unions is the Administrative Head of that union. Similarly Secretary General is the administrative Head for all the matter of affiliated unions. Similarly every unions are advised to give full charge to the AGS of the union of the adjoining Circles to Circle in which he resides,  in All India conference itself for the purpose of easily administering the membership / union activities and election process.     

Since the Govt. is deducting the union subscription and remitting it to office bearers,  therefore, the financial irregularity is not simple one but it is a financial fraud towards organisaiton which attrach  disciplinary action against the faulty office bearers.  

 If the core group of All India unions and its CWC find it fit to amend its constitution so that the union subscription deducted at Division/ Branches may be remitted to the CHQ directly by the Administration then they are free to make such amendment in constitution. The General Secretary, BP Civil Wing Shri Balram Pandey has given has consent to do so    in his constitution.

 As regarding Special Donation by unions / Federation, Receipt Book must contain  three least. One should be handed over to the donor. Second one should be retained by the collector and third one should be retained by the BPEF or All India Union as the case may be.  

He strongly supported that if the BPEF is short of fund for carrying out its  daily union activity then it must raise the Special Fund with the help of Federation office bearers / CHQ office Bearers of the union. This issue was supported by Shri R.N. Navghar and others and has advised that Receipt book  of Rs. 1100/- per Head may be printed for collecting  Donation to BPEF and be distributed to all active office bearers. Similarly during All India Conference of unions Rs. 1100/- per office bearers may be collected at the conference place itself.
Maharashtra Circle has consented to hold 10th Federal council in Nashik . It will be held on  1st & 2nd October 2013 at Kurtkoty Shankarchar Nyas , Old Ganganagar Naka , Nashik- 422 005. The boarding facility will be near by it. The Maharshtra Circle team lead by Shri V.G. Pendharkar has accepted the offer by their core of heart and assured that it will be decent programme. They told that Nashik is  central point to visit Tryambakeshwar  Temple 22 K.M. , Sai Mandir of Shirdi 80 K.M. and Shani Sighnapur Temple 100 K.M. The Bombay is also situated at about 4 hours journey from the Nashik. The Panchwati and August Muni Asharam are in Nashik itself. However the entire description will be communicated by Reception Committee in due course. The fore most precaution / discipline to be observed in the said Federal Council is as below.
1.    The Delegation Fee is Rs. 500/- (Five Hundred).
2.    The Circle Secretary of every union  has to report alongwith his Delegate team  well before time and has to deposit the Delegation fee before start of programme at the counter. It should be ensured that his team must comprise of  at least one  Divisional office bearers  of each Division. Other delegate must be office bearers of status not less than Divisional Secretary/ President / Treasurer/ Org. Secretary.   
3.    The Federal Councilor numbering three Hundred,   apart from  Maharashtra,  will be as Uttarakhand -2, J&K -1, HP-2, Punjab-10, Haryana-8 , Delhi-14, Orissa -7, W.B. -7, Assam /NE-4 , Jharkhand -2, Kerala- 15, Karnataka-8, T.N.-8 , Chhatisgarh- 2, A.P.- 15, Bihar- 50, U.P.- 80,M.P-30, Gujarat- 20 , Rajasthan- 10   
4.    It is necessary for All Delegates to attend all five sessions of Federal council. Three session will be held on First day and two on second day.
5.    The Federal council will end before 5-00 P.M of 2nd October positively,. 
6.    If anyone wants to adopt Resolution at Federal Council he must send a copy of that to Federation 15 days before so that it can be included. Every Resolution must be sent after having working committee meeting. The Federation will load its Resolution in the Website: one month before the Federal Council for your comments.
7.    The Maharashtra is going to publish a Souvenir on the occasion you can give advertisement/ Article for that.
8.    The Federation will publish August issue of Postal Mahasangh in August and will also publish Special issue in October, 2013.  You may give valuable Articles   for publication well n time.    

Kindly follow the discipline and ethics of  the organization  and take oath in the Federal Council to correct the actions of union  so that full support to Mission 2015 with regards recognition during re-verification process can be made.

In future General Secretary must bring the list of membership subscription deducted in the Divisions in meetings. For the purpose, the General Secretary should necessarily ask his Circle Secretaries to provide this information with paper support. As a first corrective measure, the list of membership subscription deducted in July, 2013 may be brought in Federal council for information.
With regards,
                                                                                                Yours brotherly,

                                                                                                  (S.K. Mishra)

                                                                                                  Secretary General  

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